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10 Forgotten Games That Should Have Been Franchises

Howdy, once again, pardners! AlienLion counts down ten pretty random games that should have been franchises, as in series, as in they should have had sequels. These are all epic titles that were mostly overlooked and forgotten (well ok, not ALL of them forgotten) for no damn good reason. If you are not familiar with some of them, get off the Internet and get to installin’! Or at least, read about them here to find out if you really should. I wish some of them got remakes as well but they’re worth a few splinters as they are. Anyway, of course, this is not a complete list, and a bit of a sequel is coming up next, but for now, enjoy:

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Relientk771481d ago (Edited 1481d ago )

Ristar and Comix Zone

edit: I'm looking up that Landstalker game, it looks fantastic and will probably pick that up

PhantomTommy1481d ago (Edited 1481d ago )

Landstalker is my favourite Megadrive game, It's every bit as brilliant as A Link To The Past.

doogiebear1480d ago

Isnt it by the same ppl who made Alundra? Or am I mistaken? (Seriously)

AlienLion1481d ago

If you like old school Zelda, you really should. They have it on Steam.

jony_dols1480d ago

Psi-Ops was one of my favorite PS2 games,
& we never got the damn sequel cuz Midway went belly-up...

Unbornkirkster191479d ago

unreal game! bubbles up for you sir.

prototypeknuckles1481d ago

kya dark lineage
sphinx and the cursed mummy
coomix zone
mirrors edge

ABizzel11480d ago

sphinx and the cursed mummy

I had it on PS2, it was a pretty good game, but also the first to give me gaming fatigue (feeling sick while playing a game) so I never went back to it afterwards.


Hasanhastam1480d ago

I know its wierd but RUSE WAS GOOD.And sequel can great hope ubi make it

AlienLion1480d ago

Second list is coming ;)

bubblebeam1479d ago


Are you the one who wrote this article? If so, congrats.

Very well written and hilarious. You are the kinda guy I'd like to sit and talk to over a few drinks talking about games.

Great article. Like to see a Bulletstorm 2, so long as they either go full funny, or full serious, not half half.

AlienLion1479d ago


Thanks and I NEVER turn down a few drinks. Appreciate the comment.

SnakeMustDie1480d ago

C&C Renegade. Easily one of the best multiplayer I've ever played.

Damn EA for canning Tiberium.

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The story is too old to be commented.