Pray For Dark is Not Survival Horror, it’s Psycho-Terror

"Pray For Dark was inspired by Sewer Man, a painting by the legendary artist Gerald Brom. Valyr contacted Brom and got his permission to use the characters for their game, which puts them off to a great start. The setting of the game is described as “1930’s art deco style infused with Edisonian technology with a steampunk flavor.”" - Paul Popiel of

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ziggurcat2259d ago

legendary artist? yeah..... no.

Giru0172259d ago

Perhaps the wording RENOWNED would be more appropriate. He has some great/famous fantasy pieces and, of course, the Diablo 2 cover/box art.

Kyosuke_Sanada2259d ago

The lead character looks like a mixture between Stranger and Jericho Cross, not saying it's a bad thing though....