The dark ages- "Men should stop playing Video Games"

Kate Muir writes

"At my college evening class last week, two intelligent, thirtysomething suited guys – solicitors or managers to judge from their e-mail addresses – were talking about their new Xbox 360s and what transcendent joy was to be had from them. I eavesdropped more attentively. Apparently, in Gears of War, the smallest details of the largest battles were crystal clear, in widescreen! Surely they were discussing their children's computer games? Xboxes are toys, after all.

Further chat revealed the professional gentlemen were childless. The Xboxes were toys for very big boys indeed. Worried, I went unto Google and retrieved this trend for you: Nielsen Media Research surveyed American men aged 18 to 34 and found 48 per cent of them had used a games console recently, and on average, it was for 2 hours 43 minutes per day. Yes, half of not-so-young men spend nearly three hours a day gaming."

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fenderputty3792d ago (Edited 3792d ago )

Why do people care what 30 year old men do with their free time? It's not like my father ever really grew out of his hobbies. Just because my hobbie includes a gaming console means I should grow up? Piss off.

I am not 30 but, it's not like it's far off.

Tempist3792d ago

Sure are somewhat snooty. There are other approaches, like the 'join' em approach'. This entire article acts as if men will never grow up and be responsible.

Perhaps if responsibility is thrusted onto them, then things would change. All and all I don't see / find a reason to. And another thing, I'm fairly sure the adoption rate of smart phones and money stealing Mp3/video players is far higher on women, not to mention the immature clothing that's produced for older women.

We have games, you have poor taste in expensive popular items. I say that cancels things out nicely.

JsonHenry3792d ago

Complain, complain, complain. If men are so childish then what does that make you when you sleep with us? A pedophile? : )

fenderputty3792d ago

with this woman's standpoint is that, she finds video games to be synonomous with immaturity.

Sarick3792d ago

This story is fiction, She probably has a boyfriend that plays video games and she wanted him to do something with her. He said no i'm playing my ?console? now and she went stomping back to the bedroom.

It's kinda obvious this day in age 30+ guys play games. College students started the FPS lan parties concepts afyer all. Where has this lady been living, under a rock all these years?

Hmmm.. Next time he's in the mood and not playing his console maybe she'd say "I have a headache" instead of making up some story that makes men look childish.

BrianC62343792d ago

I have the perfect husband for her. His name is Jack Thompson. I think they'd be really happy together. Well, Jack might be married. He has a son. If both are single though maybe we can hook them up.

By the way, anyone else find the ads on this site really annoying. Lately there have been some horrible ads at the top that just pop up out of nowhere and take over my browser. The HBO ad is really bad. And just now I had one for a bank. I'm in the middle of typing and it pops up and I can't do anything., please, dump those lame ads. They suck. They definitely don't get me to click on them when they get in my way.

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socomnick3792d ago

You know what I would tell her "shut up and clean the dishes!!!!!" lol jk im not a sexist just a joke. :(

power0919993792d ago

but I can't stand people like this. Video games are no longer limited to children. If we went by these standards then I guess we should stop playing sports at 25, since its just a game.

BTW: I am turning 30 this year, and don't have a child and play video games like crazy. This is because my Wife is getting her PHD, and I have a full time career. I don't want a kid yet, and many people feel this same way. Ugh... im just venting.

Now move.... I am working on my Burnout achievements.... and bring me a sammich.

LeShin3792d ago

^^lol!!! Bubbles for making me laugh to both of you for making me laugh!

Fototherapist3792d ago

if women are just jealous that they don't have fun hobbies to get into. Hey, if you want to read novels for fun, go for it. If you want to sew quilts or do knitting, go for it. Please don't criticize me for finding something fun to do with my free time. Video games function much like sports do for men. They are a way to release anger and tension without becoming violent toward others (except if you play hockey, of course).

xc7x3792d ago

ah,works both ways lol

cloud360-7th_account3792d ago

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name3792d ago

Maybe adult women should stop using vibrators. Just a thought.

kurochi3792d ago

will the feminist do than???? Campaign harder for Hillary Clinton???

Sarick3792d ago

PS3 in the us still has no rumble, the Wii controller is square and the 360 controller is just too fat and rounded.

I can understand why she feels left out I assume none of the controllers are comfortable in her hands. Based on this article she's more keyboard and mouse as her hobby is journalism. So why is it wrong if guys have VG as hobbies. After all she's still playing with her keyboard & mouse.