The Sexiest Male Video Game Characters to Date

"We have given you a list of our top picks for some of the sexiest female video game characters here. Now it is time for the guys! With all those hours holding a controller and staring at the television―well a girl will fantasize!"

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TifaLockheart1332d ago

If Mario looked like that then he would make my list! hehe. Nice article.

zebramocha1332d ago

He looks like Billy maze from the oxi-clean commercials.

VideoGameGuru1332d ago

I agree with your number one choice

ritsuka6661332d ago

Dante ( not the new Dante) is most HOT male character ever... love Dante <3


GrahamGolden1332d ago

Agreed choosing ellis over dante is ridiculous
old dante is more fun,better looking

taquito1332d ago

i'm not in any video games, so..........

Dovahkiin1332d ago

Then why you are even here?

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The story is too old to be commented.