Will Antix Labs' promise of portability result in mobile gaming's MP3 format?

There was a bit of the blip on the blogosphere last month, when the latest endeavour from mobile entrepreneur Francis Charig (pictured) hit the wires.

Following his adventures at hardcore tech outfit Tao Group, the larger-than-life character was back with Antix Labs, a company which – as you might expect with Charig at the helm – is out to revolutionise mobile technology. Or more specifically in this case, revolutionise mobile gaming.

Still, there was general confusion about what Antix was actually doing. Some thought it would enable developers to port PC games to mobile, while others suggested it would create a level playing field between high-end and entry level phones. There's some truth in both, but people also seemed to get the wrong end of the stick. And equally, while more complex to explain, the opportunity potentially offered by Antix is significant.

"We're out to make games as portable as music," says Charig, underlining his credentials as someone not afraid of the big statement.

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