New Resident Evil 6 Trailer

Capcom has released a new trailer of Resident Evil 6.

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Carl_Shocker1806d ago (Edited 1806d ago )

Another trailer...jeez why dont you guys just show us the ending while your at it.

Just one explosion after the other, I mean how many times did Leon and Claire have an "Uncharted moment" where they would be thrown about or blasted back by something yet come out at the end alive by some miricle.

Grap1806d ago

no one force you to watch it.
still i will not buy this game

Carl_Shocker1806d ago

Your missing the point, this is the internet...details people find out in these trailers will be posted all over the place untill one day you click on a link and's ruined.

Irishguy951806d ago

Capcom and S-E have a habit of ruining games via trailers. You know who did it right? Kojima...MGS2: Raiden was a mystery. Although alot of people needn't like Raiden because he 'looks' like a wuss.

lorcraven1806d ago

Gonna rent, been a long time since Capcom released a game worth paying full price for, It's like they don't care anymore.

ame221806d ago (Edited 1806d ago )

I love how Capcom genuinely thinks they've got their hands on a seller. Can't wait to see the look on Capcom's face when the game flops.

jeremyj29131806d ago

Sad part of that is that, as much as we want it to, it probably won't flop.

ame221806d ago

It'll flop critically and won't meet RE5's commercial success either.

RivetCityGhoul1806d ago

dude this game isn't flopping, if you honestly think that then your delusional.

Kratoscar20081806d ago

You know what? Im not going to see it, i just replayed Re1 last week and i dont want to see how much Cashcom/Crapcom trash this once unique series.

ShaunCameron1806d ago

I just saw the XBox 360 logo at the end. LOL

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