The Top 7… Best fighting game characters

A fighting game can have gorgeous graphics, heart-pounding music, and rock-solid mechanics, but without interesting characters, none of it really matters. The ideal roster must be filled with varied, memorable, and appealing character designs that will attract gamers of all types, no matter their playstyle. It’s not uncommon for fighting game fans to develop a powerful affinity towards their favorite fighter, remaining loyal to them throughout a series’ long history and encouraging those who’ve taken on the same character choice mantle.

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AREoUoSERIOUS2284d ago

Morrigan is a beast and im glad she is on this list.

prototypeknuckles2284d ago

its hard for me to choose a mk character for this because its so many good characters like scorpion,jade,sub-zero,sonya,k abal,baraka,skarlet,and kitana

Smashbro292284d ago

Doesn't have Guy. Otherwise it was a pretty decent list. Not that these lists hold any kind of value whatsoever.

Kratoscar20082284d ago

Slayer is basically the strongest character in the franchise, he owns all characters easily, my favorite tough is Eddie/Zato-1.

hadouken1822284d ago

Definitely Ryu. He's got more jocks copycats and haters than anyone in the genre

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