Drugs you didn't notice in video games

GR: And just so you know, we're out to expose the drug-riddled underbelly of your favorite video games--but we won't be taking it easy. Yes, there's a “Magic Mushroom” in the manual for the original Super Mario Bros; and yes, that's also the name of a thing people take in order to trip balls. But if you think that's the best we can do in our search for unlikely illicitness, prepare to have your little mind blown...

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NastyLeftHook02290d ago

may payne, pain killers, mario mushrooms.

Kurt Russell2289d ago

This article is a load of crap.

doogiebear2289d ago

Not a single thing in there even hints at drugs. Plus every game on it was a kid game.

Also, How could he have not mentioned the leafy greeneries of Resident Evil.

DlocDaBudSmoka2289d ago

i dont think the article writers have ever done a drug in their life. these were all grasping as straws and all for naught.

born2live2289d ago

...or did too many drugs and is now irreversibly brain damaged?

urwifeminder2288d ago

In arma 2 i found a few crops just sat down rocking left to right with my custom chong sound bites , im sure one of the cods had opium as well.