Review: LogiGun (New Gamer Nation)

When it comes to puzzle games, developers have to walk a fine line in terms of difficulty, balance and logic. Make your puzzles too hard, and you’ve got frustrated gamers reaching for a Youtube walkthrough. Make it too easy, and the puzzles become an aimless distraction instead of a satisfying slice of gameplay. Introducing too many mechanics can make your game impossibly complex and difficult to handle, while sticking to just one mechanic gets terribly dull when you run out of creative applications. Most would agree that one of the few platformer puzzle games in recent years to achieve this balance was Portal, and this perfect balance spawned dozens of homages, inspirations and imitators of varying quality. At first glance you would probably lump LogiGun into that group, but the original LogiGun actually predates our favourite companion cube simulator by at least a few months. Now developer Alfred Lam has revamped everything in the game, including graphics, gameplay and levels, to release this updated commercial version. So in a way, it would be pretty unfair to compare LogiGun to Portal. But there is one comparison to Portal that Lam would no doubt be pleased to hear: LogiGun achieves the same perfectly rewarding balance of complexity and difficulty, but with entirely new mechanics and a satisfyingly steep level of difficulty.

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