Carrier Command: Gaea Mission Preview - Get Your Towels Ready, It's About To Go Down [Dealspwn] writes: "The original Carrier Command practically defined its own genre when it released in 1988. A cross between vehicular action and cerebral strategy games, it let players loose into enormous island archipelagos at the helm of a mighty aircraft character. A fleet of robotic planes and could be deployed, ordered around from an overworld map or controlled directly, providing a true genre hybrid that was years before its time. Put simply, Speccy and miggy owners had never played anything remotely like it.

Bohemia Interactive's reboot, the somewhat confusingly-subtitled Gaea Mission, plans to change everything... and nothing at all. By staying true to the original game but providing a new lick of graphical paint, tightened mechanics, greater scope and a few new features, the studio behind the ArmA series may be set to accomplish one of the most difficult feats of development possible. An arcade reboot that's actually worth a damn... and an action/strategy hybrid that works properly."

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