Nintendo Wii U: Launching in Apple's Shadow

GamesIndustry- Price and date for the Wii U launch are expected this week, but will Nintendo's press event be overshadowed by Apple?

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Godchild10202078d ago

Two different demographics; for one, Nintendo is appealing to the gamer and on the other hand Apple is appealing to the audience that loves new phones and gadgets. Don't get me wrong they mix in some areas, but differ in many others.

While I can't wait to find out about the next iPhone, I really want to know the price of the Wii U. Depending on the price, it's will give me an insight on what I will buy first.

PopRocks3592078d ago

I honestly do not get this constant paranoia that Nintendo is not going to do well based on Apple's current business strategy. The markets are completely different.

I already have a phone, so I don't really care to buy an iPhone and I already have a computer so I'm not really in need of an iPad either. Wii U will have Nintendo games. As a fan, that's good enough for me.

Gr812078d ago (Edited 2078d ago )

Gaming media has this unhealthy yearning for apple and Nintendo to be in this sort of battleground state. Meanwhile in the real world, Nintendo's pres has an iPhone lol. I doubt sony's president has an iPhone.

In fact I'd wager apple is in more direct comp with m$ and Sony moreso than with Nintendo. Totally different spheres.

guitar_nerd_232078d ago

I'd take a Nintendo product over an Apple product any day- way more fun!

jaymart2k2078d ago

and 3 times cheaper ,lol

G33K2078d ago

It would make me so happy if another company came out of nowhere and completely fucked Apple like they did to Samsung.

BitbyDeath2078d ago

Nintendo has buttons = instant win

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