PlayStation Store Preview – September 11, 2012

Another week, another solid update. Except things are still bare in the land of the PS Vita. But you should know that things are going to pick up really soon for Sony’s handheld – and to showcase just that, we’ve done a massive update of our Coming Soon section, highlighting all of the upcoming PlayStation Vita titles and their release dates. While we were at it, we updated upcoming PSN titles releasing on the PS3, too. Check it out. - PSLS

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Sev1836d ago

Well, at least the Vita has a TON of games coming.

FinaLXiii1836d ago

you want later there will be more games.

tachy0n1836d ago

instead of sony bringing more PSOne and PSP games to the PSVita PSN store, we PSVita owners get sh!t.

Xof1836d ago

It's got a handful of games coming. Maybe 3 or 4 retail games between now and 2013 of decent quality.

Which would be bad in its own right... but it's downright abysmal next to Sony's zero support of the Vita on PSN.

It's like they're deliberately trying to make the Vita crash and burn.

irokster1836d ago

He's got a point. Where's all the Vita support on the PSN store? I would've thought there would be way more games at the ready for purchase.

irokster1836d ago

I thought you were being sarcastic until I moved to the last page and saw the bombardment of PSV games...

Relientk771836d ago

Wow 6 demos, awesome

and La Pucelle: Tactics as a PS2 classic

topekomsi1836d ago

My vita is starving to death. Feed me Seymore!

DivineAssault 1836d ago

Mine is too.. It will be well fed on the 25th & a nice snack every month after.. Unfortunately i will have to feed it an $80 memory card too tho..

topekomsi1836d ago

No doubt I did pick up a 32gb card for $70, my butt still hurts.

Dropdeadll1836d ago (Edited 1836d ago )

The guy on the pic reminds me of Burger King..

EDIT: Does Battlefield 3: Premium Edition come with all the DLC?

topekomsi1836d ago

Yes, all dlc, plus a couple of extra items like a digital strategy guide, a exclusive knife some, dogtags, and maYbe something else I'm forgetting.
Ohh yeah early access to dlc.

ddurand11836d ago

yes. its a great deal if youre on the fence about buying it.

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The story is too old to be commented.