Editor Exodus Continues, How Does Gamespot Respond?

Aeropause takes a look at the editors that have left Gamespot over the last two months and what it means to their credibility and the site as a whole.

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niall773844d ago

just stick you fingers in your ears and start going "la la la" until the problem goes away or people forget

slymaddox3844d ago (Edited 3844d ago )

I don't think Gamespot is the only one going down the wrong path. I have stopped going to IGN completely because of the biased reviews. I think I'm going to go back to magazines. If that fails I will just make up my own mind about games instead of letting a website do it for me. :)

yowoe3844d ago

I am wary of reviews from single websites, but I use metacritic, or other review compilation website, and read the most negative, positive, and median of reviews.

That's the closest you'll ever getting a full view of a game before you buy it.

I mean you might end up buying Cruis'n for the wii without reviews. (It really sucks).

Chubear3844d ago

Well you don't need reviews to tell you Crusin for the wii is crap. Just look at all the media and info out on it already.

Editorial reviews are archaic and have long out lasted their usefullness. In our world of varied media formats, we gamers can help our ownselves with reviews etc.

Community user based content is obviously the right direction and our info on games should head in this direction also.

Oh and - 'UCK gamespot!

schabeugen043844d ago

They don't have any credibility left. Something truly bad has happpened at gamespot for people to uproot their lives. I mean who quits there job for a friend? No one thats who, these guys aren't just quitting cuz Jeff left. They are quitting cuz things are really f'ed up.

IGNFTW3844d ago