Keiji Inafune Teases Tokyo Game Show Surprise

"Keiji Inafune appears to be teasing a Tokyo Game Show announcement at his Inaf**king blog (note: asterisks were added for effect).

In a post today, Inafune mentioned that his PlayStation Vita action title Soul Sacrifice will make its world playable debut in Sony's booth, and he'll be taking part in interviews and events.", writes Andriasang.

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camel_toad2259d ago

Yeh I have my fingers crossed for a new mega man or onimusha.

jghvhv2259d ago

Not gonna happen.MegaMan and Onimusha belong to Capcom and Infune doesn't work for them anymore.He can't touch those games,which is too bad.

camel_toad2259d ago


I completely forgot he left Capcom. (I'm old) so that news re-breaks my heart!

Sigh2259d ago

oh snap, wonder what it could be outside than just Soul Sacrifice for the Vita...

Xandet2259d ago (Edited 2259d ago )

Whatever it is, it'll be good.

kratos1232259d ago

please more PSV love. this guy is really a great producer of games and the vita needs more people like him working on it

DivineAssault 2259d ago

hes making soul sacrifice on vita to crush monster hunter on 3DS.. Not as big as a fanbase but gotta start somewhere.. SS is much more wicked & fun looking than comic mischief.. This guy needs to get with Igarashi & make a Castlevania for vita..