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EDGE - Chris Schilling finds that a DLC weapon subtly transforms the way Platinum’s shooter is played.

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JellyJelly2282d ago

This and Max Payne 3 are the best TPS games this gen imo.

The cigarette move in Vanquish is pure genious. Had so much fun with it.

Ultr2282d ago

Very great that someone is still talking bout this game, one of my all-time-favorites!¨

If anyone would mind checking out my channel, I ony have gamevideos of Vanquish

garos822282d ago

that was actually well written.vanquish was truly unique fun and unfortunately underrated.

paydayp2282d ago

i usually dont like short games but this game was so good i played it 5 to 6 timesand it still was fun.
so i got good value from it best action i have seen this gen.
controls are a bit hard at sometimes but that just cause there so much going on.
and i loved the knee slide:).
never got to beat the last challenge:( did everything else.
i hope they make a sequel this gen but i wouldnt bet on it

caseh2282d ago

Not a sequel but if you enjoyed Vanquish I would recommend looking up Binary Domain.

paydayp2282d ago

thanks for the tip.
i've heard good things about BD but i didnt like the demo. i dont know about the full game.
I didn´t like the vanquish demo either i only bought it cause it was cheap and i like to give games a real try before i judge them :)good buy:)
if i have money to spare i will try it.
at the moment i´m waiting for borderlands 2 i hope its as fun as i think it will be

Rhythmattic2282d ago

MMmmmm... Will boot this up again methinks...


Could you imagine what the PC version would look like in 3D? Maybe one day.

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