Exploring Halo 4's e-sports side with Frank O'Connor

GameSpot - We talk to 343 Industries and Halo's development director about Halo 4 in e-sports, music, and the Prometheans' behaviour.

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pompombrum2286d ago

"Since sprinting is a default command in Halo 4, most of the requested maps might be too cramped."

That is so full of fail..I wasn't around for Halo 2 but maps like The pit and guardian are the sort of maps that make Halo a LOT of fun. Halo Reach was ruined by the fact Bungie had to develop god awful maps like Swordbase and Reflection so that they work with jet packs, I really hope Halo 4 isn't going to be like that with sprint.

HaloJack2286d ago

No offense but when people like you make these comments it annoys me. I have been playing halo since i was 6 years old when it first came to the xbox. Bungie did wonders creating halo:Reach because the multiplayer was so diverse. Big maps like Spire or small maps like Countdown. What 343 is doing with halo 4 is making a name for themselves. If all they did was make it the same as halo 3, then online gaming will stay the same for generations. Gaming needs changes and thats what makes them fun, thats why they make new games to create changes and mix it up a little.

lategamer2286d ago

Reach had some pretty terrible maps.

Halo 1 had decent maps.

Halo 2 had an AMAZING set of maps. Lockout, Midship, Turf, Coagulation, Relic, Gemini, etc.

Halo 3 had a decent set of maps. Pit, Guardian, Valhalla, Construct etc.

Reach however, had a terrible initial set of maps. I enjoyed Zealot and Countdown but maps like Swordbase, Boardwalk, and Boneyard were just meh. There's a reason so many maps in matchmaking are Forge Maps. And speaking of forge maps, I'm so tired of seeing the same color pallet over and over. At least Halo 4 will fix that issue some what.

pompombrum2286d ago

I'm all for change in a positive way but Reach changed too much in a bad way. I'm not asking for a clone of a previous Halo game, just for 343 to acknowledge what made those games fun and the sort of maps which worked.

Spire and Countdown were great maps I agree but to be fair, the large majority of maps were dire. In fact other than those 2, the only other noteworthy non forge map was Zealot.. the rest just didn't worth very well. The main reason for this was because of things like Jet Pack and the fact they designed maps around things like that which made the maps flow horribly and force all the action into the top areas and that's the reason why I mentioned both Swordbase and Reflection.

Cerberus292286d ago

"Since the Covenant and Prometheans are working together,"

Uh... Spoilers?

robavila952286d ago

Why would you post it in the comments?

Cerberus292285d ago

He says it in the article and there is no *spoiler alert*. Why would you read the comments to an article without reading the article?

robavila952285d ago

Usually I read the comments first to see if the article is worth reading. In this case, only a spoiler warning would've sufficed, not the spoiler itself.