The Top 7 Most Annoying Enemies

GameGirl writes:

"There are video game enemies out there that make your blood boil. The ones that you will go out of your way to kill, just so you know they're dead. When you hear the music meaning that an enemy is near by, you know, it's them. They attack you, they kill you and you cuss at them violently. No? This isn't you? Just me? Wow, okay, thanks for making me look insane. Anyway, here are the MOST annoying video game enemies."

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slymaddox3700d ago

I always hated the leeches from MGS3. Burn!

riskbreaker763700d ago

how can anyone forget the annoying Medusa heads in the original Castlevania series on NES/SNES. hell, they are still just as annoying in the newer games...

VirusE3700d ago

Yeah the medusa heads blew but i think the birds in ninja gaiden pissed me off even more. The last level of ninja gaiden one pisses me off to no end. On the subject of castlevania 1 the grim reaper should be mentioned.

fenderputty3700d ago

I don't remember hating an enemy as much as I hated those damn birds. The medusa heads are a close second though.

kewlkat0073700d ago

not sure why in SOTN, Alucard didn't have a downward attack.

Them mutated "dogs" in "Resident Evil" are also annoying.

"Wrenches" and "the flood" got on my nerves, especially blowing up after you kill them made it more annoying.

Lakitu from Mario has been around the longest..and shows no sign of going away.

Nevers3700d ago

... I hated those damn birds in NG. That last level was ridiculous. Along with the medusa heads that turned you to stone in SotN, I'd like to add the Flea Men. Those quick little buggers always got me.

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Marceles3700d ago

I hated the hammer bros on 8-3 more than the lakitu. A recent annoying enemy for me were the blind guys on Assasin's Creed that shove you, I was happy when I got an achievement for shoving them into a merchant store...the fast zombies in Ravenholm are on my annoying list...but I agree with the Flood being annoying hehe, I'll never forget their debut.

CRIMS0N_W0LF3700d ago

this list sucks clearly made from a girl :P

BrotherNick3700d ago

That's some cool girl to have played those games. Mad props to her and a bubble subtraction for you being a misogynist.

Lotto3700d ago

The Cliff Racer from TES3 is proly the most annoying mob i have ever seen in a game. God i hate those things

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