Sound Shapes PS Vita Patch 1.01 Now Available

With the PSN maintenance currently happening right now, downloading the newest patch for Sound Shapes on the PlayStation Vita could be a little difficult, but it is available.

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Relientk772262d ago (Edited 2262d ago )

Awesome for Sound Shape owners, when they download it

SPAM-FRITTER-1232262d ago

Not an issue, it is just more PSV shovelware.

if we have this issue with BLOPS:Declassified ill be returning my PSV. really regretting this PS Vita purchase already.

one2thr2262d ago

Yeah like we're suppose to believe you actually own(ed) one?...
"Sound Shapes" shovelware.... Pffffttt, what a bunch of malarkey...

topekomsi2262d ago

Nice try troll! Get back under that bridge.

HarryMasonHerpderp2262d ago

you're just a PC fanboy SPAM-FRITTER-123 no one cares about your opinion on Sound Shapes because you don't own it and have never played it.

Xof2262d ago

More Vita shovelware? Really?

Look, I can understand if you think Sound Shapes is an overrated, mediocre game. Hell, I think that. But to call it Shovelware? The Vita's problem is a distinct LACK of games. Period. It has no shovelware: if it did, a lot less people would be complaining.

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Tired2262d ago

Maintenance has never affected downloads or patches before, why would it now?

TrendyGamers2262d ago

I wasn't able to download it during the maintenance.

BringingTheThunder2262d ago

more campaign levels would be nice

remanutd552262d ago

a patch that let us download community levels and play them offline would be better.

Vitalogy2262d ago

All those would be nice but even better would be they reviewing the death mode times to beat, there absurd in 99% of the levels -.-

I remember Escape Plan received a patch that removed the touches counting toward stars remaining only the time which made the game perfect.

ziggurcat2262d ago

anyone know what the patch includes?

199935682262d ago

Cloud Sync Fix and Network Language Support.

topekomsi2262d ago

This has been out a few days, right?