Dishonored Dev: People are Tired of “the Same Thing Over and Over”

IGN - "It’s been a few years where we’ve only got sequels of sequels of sequels of sequels."

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chazjamie2286d ago

true that. i dont finish any of my games anymore.

KwietStorm2286d ago

But the gameplay looks almost identical to Bioshock. It even has the gold highlight around items of interest.

jagstatboy2286d ago

"People are Tired of “the Same Thing Over and Over”"

said not one single COD fan, ever.

nihonlight2286d ago

Sorry arkane ,
I'm boycotting Bethesda products because they don't treat consumers fair.

doogiebear2286d ago

Boycotting makes no difference when your just the minority...instead, when I personally boycott, I buy games used. That way the publisher doesnt get squat from me,. Yet I can still play it. If it has an online pass, then get game used after 2 months so u can buy the online pass and it still comes up to less than a new version.

I did this with RE 5, and will do ot with RE 6 ( my gf likes the co-op mode), and other games. But I always buy mew if it's a quality game publisher like Konami, Atlus, Sony, Take 2, etc.

Crap/Greedy companies like Capcom, Activision, EA, etc get the "used" treatment

DigitalRaptor2285d ago

Well done... boycott a new IP made by a great set of people that actually looks great..

Why not just boycott the company at its source and not buy the buggy pieces of crap that they put out?

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The story is too old to be commented.