Grand Prix mode removed from F1 2012, Codemasters confirms

Grand Prix mode, the mode which allowed players to create and compete in a full F1 season as an official F1 driver, has been removed from F1 2012, Codemasters has confirmed.

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madeinLeeds2286d ago

They're getting worse, fans ask for more rally less gymkana they make Showdown, now this! I still haven't forgiven them for abandoning PS3 Grid and the PS3 port of last years f1!! Also isn't it about time the Ego engine was running at 60fps, this is their 8th game using it!! Next year something else will be missing!!!

Knushwood Butt2286d ago

Someone kindly gave me a copy of Dirt 3 for free.

All I can say is I'm glad I didn't pay for it.

JustGam3r2286d ago

Lol why dont you join do some editing for me, made in leeds. Because this rant is a sort of thing my website is all about lol.

madeinLeeds2286d ago

Lol don't get me started, they just wind me up lately, I bought all their games day 1 up until Showdown but I've lost faith in them now

C L O U D2286d ago

F1 games were never great

iamgoatman2286d ago

First removing cock-pit view from GRID 2 and now this. It seems Codemasters are hell bent on making themselves like a bunch of lazy, good for nothing developers.

God I wish the rights to F1 games didn't go to them, there are FAR better racing game developers out there.

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