Nintendo’s Wii U: What it Means for the Industry

Rumor has it that on September 13 Nintendo (NTDOY) will announce November 11th as the release date for the Wii U. According to the rumors, various models will be priced at $249.99, $299.99, and $349.99. Not known yet is what consumers will get at each price-level.

Kaptall investors should know better than to trade on rumors, but there is some value in them. The growth of mobile gaming on smartphone has taken a toll on gaming. Video game sales slid again in August, according to research firm NPD Group.

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wiiu_peeu2262d ago

Hmmm i wonder what the 249 model is missing from the 349 model. All seem like decent price points. At these prices im sure Wii u will sell really well irregardless of the specs (regardless of wether they are an advancement over the ps3 and xbox or not).

No hate here or trolling but i am very skeptical of the wiiu and wether i should get one based off what Ive seen and info coming out on its hardware capacity and power. However at a 250 price point i might have to dive in and shell out the money so i can play some of the most beloved franchises in HD like Mario and Zelda.

ChunkyLover532262d ago

Its a day one purchase for me, its the first new hardware in six long years, its Nintendo's first HD consoles, of course I'm going to buy it right away.

Games have and will always be about the actual gameplay, the graphics being HD is a nice bonus, but having quality games and a decent online service is all I'm asking for, and Achievements.

Its going to be the hot holiday item this year, just like any new console at launch.

wiiu_peeu2262d ago

Yeah those price points if true have me tempted lol hahahaha im not going to lie. And there is nothing better than opening a new console box and opening your eyes with awe as you play with your console for the first time lol I feel the same way all the time since my sega master system days, to my turbografx days, SNES, Ps3, Vita and now maybe Wii u lol (just maybe)

DivineAssault 2262d ago

Hope theres alot of games i like that get announced as well as a $250 price point.. If so ill buy it.. Not right away but i will get it eventually.. Show some SSB teaser footage