The Greatest Generation Ever?

Brash Games writes "With the current generation finally starting to wind down (there is no way Sony and Microsoft’s next-gen consoles won’t be here by next Christmas), it feels like a reasonable time to reflect on what has, and will surely continue to be, the greatest console generation of all time".

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Godmars2902078d ago

The most bloated generation ever.

Is rather good for open world and FPS, online and social gaming, but otherwise crippled creatively because of costs associated with HD development.

humbleopinion2077d ago (Edited 2077d ago )

Crippled creativity and costs associated with HD development!? This gen showed us some of the most creative games while at the same time reducing costs for innovative small players wishing to bring their ideas to consoles.
And it's mostly thanks to digital distribution: When was the last gen you've seen a team of about 2 people putting up a game that becomes a smashing sales success and a GOTY nominee? With games such as Braid, World of Goo, Journey, Limbo Fez, Minecraft, Super Meat Boy, Bastion and plenty others we're witnessing how small independent studios redefine they way we approach games.

And that's without even mentioning how things on the AAA front never looked better. Never in history have so many really good games had to compete for our money. I find myself giving up on some amazing games simply because there's no time to play them all.

000012078d ago

I loved my N64 and PS1 the best. Although the PS2 and Xbox had just about a game for anything you could think of so i did really have a phenomenal time playing a lot of different games last gen. I'd say this gen is a lot of fun but not my personal favorite, and the games aren't varied enough compared to past gens sadly.

GrahamGolden2077d ago

the original xbox had what ??

i agree for this gen but saying the original xbox had something except for halo is hilarious.


Angerfist2077d ago

Ninja Gaiden,
Star Wars KOTOR 1&2
Oddworld Strangers Wrath
Project Gotham Racing 2
the list goes on and on....
Not to mention far better Graphics then PS2.
Even though i bought a PS2 for its Exclusives
and GT4 was probably my most played Game last Gen.

Last Gen there were really a lot of Exclusives from 3rd Party on both Sides.

Allsystemgamer2077d ago


Halo 1 and 2
Phantom dust
Fusion frenzy
Ghost recon
Splinter cell
Mech assault
Steel battalion

Are you that ignorant?

tristansprofile2078d ago

this gen whack! last gen is way better

Hellsvacancy2077d ago

Ive put more hours into single games this gen then i ever have before, like Demons/Dark Souls for example, 500 hours each, easily, Skyrim, 2-3 hundred probably, BF3 must be 7-8 hundred hours

Im not saying this has been the best for me, but i have played some of the best games ive EVER played this gen

Gaming was more straight forward when i was younger, buy a game, load it up, play/beat it, end of story

Todays gaming is far more technical then it needs to be, but it has it pluses

Venox20082077d ago

Gamecube/Ps2 gen was the best for me

(God Hand, Okami, Mgs 2&3, Killer7, Viewtiful joeb1&2, Katamari games,Shadow of rome, Haunting ground, fatal frames,silent hills,mk:shsolin monks,shadow of colossus&ico, luigis mansion, metroid primes, XIII, RE4, forbidden siren 1&2, zeldas, beyond good&evil..and many many more)

GrahamGolden2077d ago

ps1-2 era hands down
thi generation with very few exception was the worst

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