The Best Gaming Innovations That Everyone Hates

A feature via about the gaming innovations that everyone initially loves and then starts to hate once they start going broad spectrum, and getting implemented incorrectly.

Quote: "Every now and again in gaming there comes an innovation that is hailed as something special, a unique and different addition that is considered an advancement for all things gaming to the point that the innovation is widely adopted, adapted for games from various genres, and then hated once everyone gets used to it and realises that maybe it’s not the greatest thing ever after all. "

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prototypeknuckles2261d ago

I actually like all of these the only one I have a problem with is regenerating health in SURVIVAL HORROR GAMES

Kyosuke_Sanada2261d ago

Don't forget in plane games. (Ace Combat Assault Horizon)

c1oudy2261d ago

I really hate quick time events, I just feel they should either be a little cinematic or just not included at all leaving it all player controlled.

Captain Qwark 92261d ago

i like them all personaly, esp rpg elements. quicktime events however are only good when done right. they can easily add to the fun ( god of war ) or take away from the fun ( transformers foc )