EA Estimates 2008 PSP Sales

Electronic Arts has weighed in with its thoughts on how the console wars will play out with a recently released report that projects hardware sales for 2008. In what should be no surprise to anyone, EA estimates that the Nintendo Wii and DS will continue to lead the pack in sales for North America and Europe. The company further predicts the PS3 will move up to second place, relegating the Xbox 360 to last place in home console sales.

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CyberSentinel3820d ago (Edited 3820d ago )

...or you will be "borrowing" more $$$.

Eliminate the "arcade package"

Make the premium 199.99

Make the Elite 299.99

Make a GTA package "WITH THE GAME" for 199.99 (premium sku) available at LAUNCH DATE.

(Halo 3 system package was shameful.)

Do you really want to win this war MS? or just be another contender?

bootsielon3820d ago

Sarcasm aside, Microsoft should focus on making profit, NOT on beating Sony. The Xbox 360 is in a very healthy position now, and it can become a profitable venture for Microsoft. All it has to do now is glide to the end of the generation with games, as it has attach rates, and drop the prices when they're ready, not whenever the fanboys want it.

Microsoft, strive for profitability.

Diabloz3820d ago

gogo sony 2nd place :)

BestGamerAlive3820d ago


doshey3820d ago

stop making estimates and predictions and make some good damn games

3820d ago
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