PCZone: WoW: Wrath of the Lich King Part 2

CVG reports that Jeff Kaplan, the lead designer on World of Warcraft, explains just how you'll itch that Lich...

The entry zones in Northrend are aimed at levels between 68 and 70, and are interestingly a million miles away from your fi rst faltering steps through The Burning Crusade's Dark Portal. Back then it was dramatic, but the entirety of Azeroth seemed to be on the other side - with everyone crammed into a single place and hoping they didn't lag out, kill each other, or both.

Another change to the expansion format is the introduction of Hero Classes, the first of which is the Death Knight, examples of whom were the Lich King's work experience chaps in Warcraft III. In the spirit of balance, though, this character won't be immediately available, requiring legwork to unlock it fully

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Never mind me...

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BTW, this news article on N4G is SOOO understated. there are three BIG news in this article, and none of them are mentioned.

- New Hero Class
- Emerald Dream access
- Death Knight story updated