EA and Sony to donate $1m to army charities

A Medal of Honor: Warfighter map pack will strangely promote a Sony film, but it also aims to raise a million dollars for army-related charities.

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Hellsvacancy2284d ago (Edited 2284d ago )

Am i supposed to say "well done EA/Sony, thats very decent of you?" well im NOT!

If any other compnany had of donated money i would say well done, but Sony and EA are ONLY doing this to advertise MOH (we know MS doesnt give a monkeys about MOH) would Sony/EA of donated money if there wasnt a new game coming out? besides, theyll get there money back "well just add $1 extra for any dlc"

Dont be fooled by there "kindness"

And to think, i normally support Sony

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2284d ago (Edited 2284d ago )

Not trolling..

"Xbox 360 led the pack, bringing EA $292 million in the past three months. That compared favorably to the PS3 which did $267 million for the firm. But the PC platform actually managed to outperform Sony's console with $276 million."

"Sony buys EMI publishing for $2.2 billion"

EA + Sony efforts are chump change for them.

zebramocha2284d ago

I wouldn't call that "out preforming" much as the difference is from 10-30 mil,for a corporation that's pennies.

Ducky2284d ago (Edited 2284d ago )

Well, this isn't Sony's gaming division, rather, it's Sony Pictures.

One's doing it for their own game, the other for their own movie.

Red_Orange_Juice2284d ago

and to think I normally thumb you up, lol, I kid I kid

Tultras2284d ago

The amount of douchebaggery in this comment, is too damn high.

NukaCola2283d ago


I wish I could give you a 100 +'s my friend!

Anon19742284d ago (Edited 2284d ago )

It's funny. I saw the headline and instantly wondered, "How is giving charity going to be spun so it's anti-Sony, anti-EA?"

And Hellsvacancy didn't disappoint. Normally I don't have any issue with his posts, but I think he's way off this time.
"Am i supposed to say "well done EA/Sony, thats very decent of you?" well im NOT!"

You don't have to but I'm sure the veterans, servicemen and women and their families who benefit certainly feel differently. This is part of a campaign where the money could just as easily gone to billboards, TV ads, magazine, web adverts, etc. But it didn't, it went towards helping people. Who the fuck cares if it's being done in promotion of a game or movie? End result is money is given to charity and if you find fault in that, if you're so cynical that you can't see the benefit there, there's something wrong with you.

kostchtchie_2284d ago

exactly mate, at least someone here has common sense

AusRogo2284d ago

Was about to say the same thing. At the end of the day, money goes to charity.

Fishy Fingers2284d ago

Whether its being done largely for their own gains, whatever the reasoning behind it. If it can help raise some money/awareness for a deserving cause, it's a worthwhile endeavour.

When did we all become so pessimistic?

fermcr2284d ago (Edited 2284d ago )

Just the publicity they are getting is worth a million bucks. They are billion dollars companies, and should be giving much more. I would include companies like Microsoft, Apple, Samsung, Nintendo, Shell, etc...etc... to the lot. Companies like Apple have astronomical profits, should be helping the most needed.

kreate2284d ago

They are helping the chinese ....

ronin4life2284d ago

Society is full of trade offs. What's wrong with helping people to get publicity? There is no "unselfish" good deed.

It's not like they are politicians or something...

No Way2284d ago (Edited 2284d ago )

Wrong. Ever went into a restaurant and paid for someone elses dinner?
I have done so. I've paid for an old couples meal one afternoon.
Was about $40. I've never seen the couple before or since then..

That sounds like a good deed to me, wouldn't you say?
And, the kicker? I got nothing out of it, sounds unselfish to me.

vickers5002284d ago

@No Way

In all likelihood, you got a very warm and fuzzy feeling out of it, which isn't "nothing". You pay for their meal, they get to eat for free, and you get to feel really good about yourself for being nice to an old couple. So it isn't like you didn't get 'anything' out of it.

ronin4life2284d ago

You felt good, right?
You stuck to your personal beliefs, right?

Those are gains in character and self worth... a perfectly exceptional way to feel about a contribution to society. Perhaps you wanted to help and feel good about it... that in a way is a personal self wanted goal you were able to accomplish.

Society is about these kinds of symbiotic relationships. And it is a wondrous thing.^_^

rainslacker2284d ago

To those giving No Way a hard time.

When did it become wrong to feel good about doing something nice? If everyone tried to do one nice thing a day, or even once a week, I think the world would be a much better place.

No Way2283d ago (Edited 2283d ago )

Okay, possibly you are right. But, I still didn't receive anything.
Most people do "nice" things, so that they will get something back.
I didn't do it in hopes to get anything like a reward or even a thank you.
Which if you ask me, that is pretty much an unselfish act..

rainslacker - Thank you. (: And, I totally agree, with what you said.
The world would definitely be a better place if eryone wasn't out for themselves.

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subtenko2284d ago

Whats M$ and Nintendo doing? Just wondering. Not that it will mean anything.

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SnakeCQC2284d ago

people choose a life of murder and want help for when things go wrong? WTF screw the imperialist armies that still invade and pillage!!

topekomsi2284d ago

Life isn't all puppy dogs and rainbows.

Allsystemgamer2284d ago

And those people that they invade do the same.

ronin4life2284d ago

Soldiers choose a life of murder for the people in their country. People like YOU. In many ways, becoming a killer can be a true sacrifice of the soul, and these soldiers do so anyway for their countrymen. So We don't have to.

So if things go wrong, why not help them back?

SnakeCQC2284d ago

erm these defend the insane inhuman foreign policy of politicians who send them in defferent countries and who dont question anything and are sadistic POS the amnount of footage middle eastern civilians murdered is just insane

MacDonagh2284d ago

Jingoistic video games being used to raise money for army charities?

That's good? Right?

Jadedz2284d ago

Congrats to both EA and Sony, for the appropriate gesture.

topekomsi2284d ago

Regardless of their motive, this is a good deed that they could have NOT done. It seems like MoH is trying to be more respectful towards our service men and women (which rarely get the credit they deserve).

To any current or former service men/women:

Thank you for your sacrifice, you are a hero and role model.

SSKILLZ2284d ago

badass maps + promoting a movie about a real event in life that was important to America + Donating to Vets = WIN

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