Puppeteer: Proving Sony Is Still Pushing Creativity

NowGamer: Puppeteer is an old-school platformer that plays out on a constantly shifting stage. Oh, and your hamburger head can create trampoline sandwiches.

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Hatsune-Miku1838d ago

This game looks amazing and I can't wait to play it. I hope Nintendo will follow the trend of sony this gen by creating innovative and quality games for the Wii u and lots of it.

MySwordIsHeavenly1837d ago

I hope they pick up more steam next generation, as well.

A few of them sold well this generation (LBP 1 and 2, Journey, Braid, Heavy Rain), but many of them did not. :/

JellyJelly1837d ago

Looks awesome! Downloadable titles have really taken off this gen. Many of my best and most unique gaming experiences have come from downloadable games such as Braid, Fez, Pixeljunk Shooter etc.

r211837d ago

I cannot wait to play this! The lighting and the visuals look so amazing :D

DigitalRaptor1837d ago

Pure brilliance from Japan Studio. They are among the best minds in the industry.

Can't wait for this and Rain.