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"The story of Devil May Cry 4 is set in and around the coastal town of Fortuna, which has an interesting tale by itself: it's governed by a militant theocracy known as The Order of the Sword, and protected by a group of Holy Knights. The people of the town worship the demon knight Sparda as a god and savior. During a ceremony in honor of their deity, Nero, a young knight, sees Dante crash through a window and slaughter the leader of the Order, as well as many of his friends. While he doesn't know who Dante is or why he's attacking them, Nero wants revenge for Dante's actions. What follows over the course of 20 missions is a quest of revenge and betrayal, as well as salvation and sacrifice, as Nero hunts Dante down across the land."

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Marceles3813d ago

Wow a 9...great score. I guess AU didn't review the 360 version but an 8.7, 9, and 8.8 are impressive scores.

spec_ops_comm3813d ago

So much simpler to just get the review score without having to visit the site - good idea :)

i Shank u3813d ago

great score, higher then i thought it would be . time to spend $60 more!

meepmoopmeep3813d ago

mine's installing right now... :P

darkshiz3813d ago

They have U.S, UK, Europe, and I think Australia?

All different score because different people reviewing it.

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