Shacknews: XCOM: Enemy Unknown preview: Little Gray Target Practice

Shacknews: XCOM: Enemy Unknown is more homage than imitation. While it bears a striking resemblance to the original 1994 classic, Firaxis has broken down the formula into its component parts and reexamined them piece-by-piece, building a game that retains its identity without feeling dated. At PAX, I got a chance to play the game and chat with lead producer Garth DeAngelis about the design process.

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caseh2287d ago

News to me, been looking out for a remake of this. Hopefully they don't over-simplify it just to suit the masses. One of the appeals of the original was that you had to work at it to get anywhere.

Wonder if they've overlooked how easy the game becomes once you have a few units who can utilize the Psyonic Amps. :D

fermcr2286d ago

Dam... i want this game so bad.... more then any game released this year.