Great Debate: Is Square Enix right to stick by the Final Fantasy XIII series?

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII will be the next entry into the famous Final Fantasy series.

This won’t please everyone because the FFXIII branch of games has split the fan base with many keen to see Square Enix move on.

In this debate, PS3 Attitude writers Stefhutch20 and Seanoc argue the case for and against another game in the XIII series. There’s also an open poll below so everyone can have their say.

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NYC_Gamer2287d ago

SE will stick by what ever makes them profit like any other company

Lucretia2286d ago

the series sells, the 13 games do have millions of fans, so why not continue it while Versus is being made? they still need to make money while they concentrate on versus so they can just keep the 13 series games, besides, the story in 13-2 was pretty good, and the ending was awesome, it needed a 3rd game.

just because the cry babies can't accept change or want only perfection doesn't mean that the series doesn't have fans, honestly the haters are the minority.

the normal gamer still enjoys them even if its not as good as passed FF games, its still better than 9, 10, 10-2 and 12 imo.

GrahamGolden2286d ago

better than 10 ? lol
try harder buddy

check the rewards-nomination-reviews 10 took then open that mouth again.

and btw go check the sales of ff13 then go check ff13-2 CLEARLYYYYYYYYY ppl LOVED it lol give us a break kid

GrahamGolden2286d ago

ff13-2 sold only 2mil WW....great profit sure lol

caseh2286d ago

I'm with you.

FF13 was nasty, didn't complete it. FF13-2 didn't last no more than 5 mins of the demo, whining emo muppet characters led me to hold the power switch sooner than expected.

I'm done with FF games for the foreseeable future, I always give in thinking 'maybe this one will remind me of the epicness that I experienced with FF3' but no, each time I feel like I've forked out top dollar to be bitch slapped in the face with a turd.

ToZanarkand862286d ago

Its a shame really.
The FF brand used to mean something... These days? Its a whored out brand name, nothing more.

Carl_Shocker2286d ago

Nope because they are focusing on the minority when the majority of us want them to move on

FF7-9 remake
FF Versus

Oh but no they keep focusing on FF13 despite the majority of FF that hate it.

lashes2ashes2286d ago

Sadly world wise I think 13-2 was not as interesting now that the fal cie or whatever were defeated I like the story idea of all these huge corrupt gods running different parts of the world. Just wish the game play was more RPG heavy.

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The story is too old to be commented.