Devil May Cry 4 Goes on Sale Today

From the article: "Capcom's latest installment of its long-running Devil May Cry series will be shipping to retail shelves today. Expect them to hit the retail outlets either today or tomorrow, depending on location."

Press release at source.

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INehalemEXI3813d ago

Wont be able to play till tommorow /sniff....bah shipping.

JelalTrueshot3813d ago

Totally agree, the day where they send their products to retailers are the hardest part of the process! Unless you are very lucky to have a close-by store to the distributer, you have to wait.

Marceles3813d ago

Yeah shipping grrr...Gamestop had it good for awhile where they would ship it the night before so you'll get it the day it comes out, but they didnt do it for DMC4 :(

Johnny Blaze3813d ago (Edited 3813d ago )

I love this game so far..

Here is my achievement..I had to take a picture
Mission 01 - Rank 8th in world..Ypu will see who I am..As I am the only American Flag

It won't let me add a picture

DEADEND3813d ago

It's to bad because I won't be able to get this until next week Thursday for Valentine's Day.

JelalTrueshot3813d ago

My Wife use to buy me games for holiday presents. Eventually I had to have her switch to something else because I just couldn't take waiting for a title I wasn't even sure I was getting. Let alone not buying any games in the meantime because you don't want to buy something you will get a second copy of. I feel your pain.

meepmoopmeep3813d ago

and the shipment will be in over here


Azures3813d ago (Edited 3813d ago )

Why don't they ship it monday to be in stores tuesday? Posting Ship dates is retarded.

People want to know when they can have it their hand, not when its in transit. Dumb system.

ChaosKnight3813d ago

Because as much as they care about sales, they're manufacturing line only cares about when they finally release the product into the wild. Hence the title "Release Date," not Sales Date. =) They can not control the retail; it's up to stores to start stacking them when they please.

xionpunk3813d ago

YAY! I love me some Devil May cry. Definitely picking this one up.

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The story is too old to be commented.