Skyrim is a phenomenon - and Hines wants Dishonored to be too

MCV asks Bethesda’s PR and marketing VP asks if the smash hit RPG has changed the publisher’s ambitions. Bethesda's PR and marketing VP Peter Hines is also cautions that the jump to new consoles will come at a cost, and that existing technology has plenty of life left in it.

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dirigiblebill2054d ago

"Bethesda exec unconvinced by PS3"


Marked2054d ago

"Bethesda exec unconvinced by all competition"

Now its fixed!

These turds hardly make a stable PC version...let alone live up to the standards set by their competition.

Hatsune-Miku2054d ago

They are stuck in the past. Their games on the pc are comparable to the console ports with barely any improvements. They are rubbish

Blastoise2054d ago (Edited 2054d ago )

True dat. Glad to see someone acknowledging that it's not just the PS3 version that's not up to standards.

SirBradders2054d ago

@winter47th i would but work 50+ hours a week you have any quick guides follow.

tehpees32054d ago (Edited 2054d ago )

This is the point I've made. People think support for 360 and PS3 will just carry over from companies without question but it won't.

A lot of companies will hold games back until they see sales for the systems grow. In which case they will make multiplats for PS3, 360 and Wii U still.

Or to put it in other terms: they won't leave "current gen" systems until they are sure "true next gen" systems have a big enough install base to justify the risk of development.

Until then expect 720 and PS4 to share multiplats with the others.

AsheXII2054d ago

If by standards you mean linear experiences with restrictive gameplay an cinematic action then yes Bethesda doesn't live up to standards.

Elwenil2054d ago

Nah, it's not this gen of consoles that is holding Bethesda back, it's Bethesda that's holding Bethesda back.

srcBFMVBMTH2054d ago


Rockstar > Bethesda

In every possible way.

2054d ago
MaxXAttaxX2054d ago (Edited 2054d ago )

That's a design choice that's been around for years, you ass.

Skyrim could have benefited from cinematic action or at least a few cutscenes to try and make it seem like some events and other things I do in the game matter.

It doesn't even live up to standards when it comes to character animations and simplistic clunky combat, glitches, game breaking bugs, or even including you in the story instead of being a glorified errand boy, etc.

Irishguy952054d ago

It is better than other games for exploring. Other than that every single thing, if you break them down into what the are, they are very meh. Combat, presentation(including animation, graphics/draw distance)...and well..that's it isn't it? Combat is dreadful. I also LOVE the way they took out any sort of unique traits of each race. Woo. Streamlining Ftw

ALLWRONG2054d ago

Bethesda games all work for me

inveni02054d ago

I do appreciate the difficulty of creating a game with the depth and weaving narrative attributed to Bethesda's craft. BUT most of the bugs their games face are not related to this depth. It's related to poor programming expertise. Yes, my primary character on Skyrim was ruined because of a quest glitch. But just as frustrating is the horrible engine design that, while beautiful, is broken in nearly every sense.

The current-gen consoles aren't holding us back...devs like Bethesda are.

MysticStrummer2053d ago (Edited 2053d ago )

@AsheXII - Given their quality control problems, perhaps Bethesda should try making a more linear experience with restrictive gameplay and cinematic action. They might have better luck with that, and they don't come close to Rockstar for an open world experience anyway.

Elwenil2053d ago (Edited 2053d ago )

Ok, so what the hell happened to the title of this thread? This is a complete 180° from what it was when posted. The description of the article is also completely different.

snipes1012053d ago

Lol at all the imbeciles that don't realize that Bethesda is only PUBLISHING Dishonored. Arkane studios is developing it.

All this discussion about Bethesda's development practices has nothing to do with Dishonored. Good lord, people. Sorry for throwing around insults but sometimes people can just be so quick to to bash something.

Campy da Camper2053d ago

What pisses me off is I want to love Bethesda. I give them more chances than I did my alcoholic ex-wife. After the greatness of Oblivion, I jumped all over Fallout 3. Crash, crash, crash.

Then New Vegas: I was 5 minutes into the game and the old man's head was spinning like the Wheel of Fortune. Get outside...crash, crash, crash.

Went to midnight release of Skyrim. Crash, crash, crash. Broken quests. Horrible combat. Redundant caves bosses. Game breaking bugs...

It just pisses me off. I love open world WRPG but their shit is so damn glitchy that it just ruins it. I am seriously debating NOT getting Fallout 4.

With game like Infamous 1 & 2 and Demon's/Dark Souls I am about to just write them off.

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fermcr2054d ago

With all the trouble they are having with Skyrim's DLC on the PS3, they don't think these consoles are holding them back ? .... hummm

kneon2054d ago

Because they know it's their poor programming skills that are holding them back. Bethesda games are routinely among the buggiest games released every year.

Blankman852054d ago

Even SONY is struggling with Skyrim's dlc though. Just puttin' it out there.

Hellsvacancy2054d ago

Exactly, its Skyrims fault (Bethseda)

koston36472054d ago

but who made Skyrim, and the DLC that is out for it.......

koston36472054d ago

@Ndivhu but who made Skyrim, and the DLC that is out for it.......

jmac532054d ago

Well who made the ass backwards PS3 architecture that has caused developers problems from the start.

torchic2054d ago (Edited 2054d ago )


that excuse doesn't fly 6 YEARS after release date.

no no no

humbleopinion2053d ago

I think they know the consoles are not holding them back because they unlike other companies they didn't compromise their vision just so that it will work 100% identical on consoles and PC. Skyrim maxed out on the PC with their new texture pack makes the consoles version look and feel almost like a Wii game - the difference is huge. The consoles also didn't stop them from releasing their editing tools and building a modding community on Steam.

The DLC issue on the PS3 also didn't hold them back from releasing it on the PC and X360: if they were dumping all the other version just because they stretched out the memory or whatever on the PS3 version - then we would have been able to say that consoles are holding them back.

Why doesn't this excuse still hold? Did Sony at any point dump the old design and fix the PS3 architecture, or is it virtually the same architecture as it always was?

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TheHater2054d ago

They can't get their games working correctly on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC. The PC community had to release a "mod/patch" just to get the game running correctly on the PC.

topekomsi2054d ago

Too bad consoles can't get the same.

Pushagree2054d ago (Edited 2054d ago )

I really don't see how he can say that. I figured an ambitious developer like bethesda would want more technical umph to make they type of games that they want to make. The games they make now of of such a large scope that they are diffiucult to run on consoles as it is. They way I see it, the current gen is holding them back.

Ducky2054d ago

The person making the comment does PR and Marketing, not actual game development.

As far as they're concerned, they're content with the current-gen dragging on for the reasons stated in the article.

ZoyosJD2054d ago

Winner: Me

Just finished Dark Souls (again).

chukamachine2054d ago

Currently playing Dark Souls on PC.

After install, the game looks awful. Even if you switch to 1080p rez, it's the internal rez. 1024x720p.

But after searching is finding the rez fix, it also fixes the framerate for me as well.

The difference is amazing while playing.

Blastoise2054d ago

Dark Souls ftw. SL & Console?

Christopher2054d ago

Talk about the most ignorant comment you can make when they can't get their game to work on a current gen console.

CarlosX3602054d ago

How can you be unconvinced by PS3? PS3 has a lot of horsepower left. It's Xbox 360 that is holding a lot of developers back. Ever wonder why content is being cut out from the final version of the game?

hennessey862054d ago

multiple discs are not a problem

Godmars2902054d ago

More to do with the current Elder Scrolls issues on the system.

andibandit2054d ago

I agree the ps3 is a supercomputer and still give modern pc`s a run for their money. Programmers just need to learn how to program

Brosy2054d ago

The 360 outperforms the PS3 in the vast majority of multiplats. The 360 isnt holding the PS3 back. Thats a dumb assumption. PS3 is 6 year old tech, games arent going to magically start performing better for the PS3. The PS3 as well as the 360 are tapped out of more power. Thats why we need a new gen of consoles.

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geddesmond2054d ago

They can't get 1 game to work properly on the PS3 and he says existing technology has plenty of life left SMH. Just be honest. He doesn't want the next gen because of costs only.

tommygunzII2053d ago

Why does it always smell like cheese in here?

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KentBlake2054d ago

...says the company that can't even make a DLC work properly on a current-gen console.

Sarcasm2054d ago

Not just DLC, pretty much all their past titles on PS3 either run like crap or don't run at all.

topekomsi2054d ago

They could fvck up a wet dream.

GrahamGolden2054d ago

not true
oblivion best console version was for the ps3

u can watch the reviews on gaming video sites
the xbox version had poor frame rate and was buggu as hell.

so its clear thats it bugthesda fault...they cant launch a proper game...u always have to wait for like a year so they release a "complete edition" with everything fixed.

and they making an mmo ?
hahaha lol good luck and good patience to all those who gonna play this bug paradise game

Dark_king2054d ago

Yea but even that version had issues with bugs.Getting stuck as a vampire for the rest of the game was a pain.

Shaman2054d ago ShowReplies(1)
Baka-akaB2054d ago (Edited 2054d ago )

Funny , i could swear you were blaming the issues of your last game on current hardware

NYC_Gamer2054d ago

Bethesda shouldn't speak on hardware until they could build an engine that actually works