GamerLive: Preview: With Assassin’s Creed III Ubisoft Explores the Un-United States of America

GamerLive: Ubisoft takes on the huge challenge of keeping Assassin's Creed fresh

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N311V2283d ago

I hope ACIII is a grounded portrayal of the war and not full of cliched American patrionism.

DarkTower8052283d ago

Than I expect there will be a lot of disappointment. The war was an uprising of Colonial patriots against a tyrannical government. The story is based on American soil. The story will feature historical Colonial patriots. The towns will be full of patriotism.

Seriously, if you want to have the game have any semblance of historical realism, you'll realize Ubi won't be able to ignore this. Now, with that being said, Ubi should also show other not so pretty historical facts like slavery, treatment of certain immigrants in certain parts of town, treatment of the native american tribes, etc. You can't skirt around the fact that this game will probably have an American patriotic feel, but as long as the bad balances out the good there shouldn't be a problem.