AoF: Driving Simulator 2012 Still Just A Simulator

Addict of Fiction take a look at the latest erm, "Driving game" and weep ever so slightly.

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Faelan2260d ago

If you're looking for some sort of driving simulator, I'd recommend Scania Truck Driving Simulator instead.

It's only $25 as a digital download and there's a demo of it as well. It has surprisingly good graphics for a low budget simulator and it supports both my Logitech G27 wheel and TrackIR which makes for a truly immersive experience. It has missions and a sandbox mode which provide some very challenging scenarios. If you think parallel parking was or still is difficult to do, then wait until you try it in an articulated truck.

There's also Euro Truck Simulator 2 coming out of the end of this month which is made by the same company. It has many similarities but focuses on running a truck company instead of independent scenarios. You'll be able to earn money from doing delivery assignments which you then use to buy all sorts of trucks (European models) and upgrade/customize them to your liking. You'll also be able to hire AI drivers once you have more than one truck at your disposal. There's an experience/leveling system as well to keep track of your progress. It's a more gamey approach for those who like to have long term goals and progression while keeping the simulation part intact.

CustardTrout2259d ago

We have a promo copy here, we don't tend to actively look for these kind of games. They're always a good laugh to play though!