Capcom Reveal Plans for Official Merchandise Store

Capcom has today announced plans to open the doors to the Capcom Store, its European e-store, in the coming months. The Capcom Store will stock exclusive and limited edition Capcom products and merchandise not available anywhere else in Europe.

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CarlosX3602203d ago

I thought they already have one?

caseh2203d ago

Buy a Limited Edition Leon jacket only to have it superseded with a revised edition (different colour zip) within 6 months of purchase.

madeinLeeds2203d ago

Jesus what next, Capcom dildos?

Kureno_Nakamura2203d ago

It's almost like Capcom doesn't want to be relevant when Next Gen rolls around.

Yangus2203d ago


I like RE series,but this.....madness.

vortis2203d ago

Madness? This is the gaming industry!