Gabe Newell: 'Trying to copy Apple will accelerate Microsoft's decline'

Valve president urges Windows 8 vendor to keep its operating systems open

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nukeitall2263d ago (Edited 2263d ago )

Can anyone clarify to me why emulating Apple would accelerate MS decline?

First of all, what you are used to with Windows still exist exactly as is. You can still patch for free, install whatever you want without interacting with then new Metro app marketplace.

Secondly, the platform holders grip if managed properly prevents crap appearing on the market place. Similar to how Valve removed a game about sex, which I disagree with by the way.

MS now has a secondary market unified with their Windows platform. This creates synergy, because right now my Kindle Fire and smart phone are completely separated from my PC. That is something I dislike very much. Ideally, everything would be synced across the cloud with something like SkyDrive or DropBox or something.

I don't see the negatives to consumers or developers, except that Valve is themselves "frustrated" with the turn of events and the threats to their own business.

So far, all I have heard is FUD with no real explanation so I would love to hear more!

BrutallyBlunt2263d ago (Edited 2263d ago )

Well if you actually read the article the context of the topic heading is misleading. He is referring to the acceleration of the frustrations and challenges within the business model, namely PC gaming. This topic reads as though Microsoft will decline as a whole. Two different things. Windows 8 will apparently makw things more difficult for companies like Steam. I personally think Windows 8 will be a flop and is more designed for the tablet market.

Microsoft knows that by controlling the market much like Apple is doing is far more profitable and easier to manage. Valve is more about taking down the walls and having mods and free updates which of course us PC gamers like. We like having more freedom.

MasFlowKiller2263d ago (Edited 2263d ago )

I think Gave is referring to Windows 8 maybe becoming a close environment and how that will be more of a negative point than a positive point to microsoft.

One of the points he makes is the update screening of the Xbox(Close System) maybe been introduce to windows 8.

Does anyone remember the Fex fiasco?

can you imagine how this might effect indie developers if they have to pay to update their games on Windows 8.

But yeah i think the tittle is a little misleading but the point they are trying to make is very important specially for PC gamers

MurDocINC2263d ago

Win8 will do fine but it will hurt pc gaming in long run. It's not forcing it's storefront/close platform yet, but you have to realise people are morons. They won't know that and will start buying on the storefront. Storefront sales will go up. Forcing developers to use it in order to compete. Say hello to close platform on most of your software. Next windows rolls out and M$ will further its grip till one day it will be fully close platform.

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lonesoul652263d ago

i think Gabe needs another doughnut...hes mouth is wide open again...amazing guy...big mouth = )

Redgehammer2263d ago

Gabe doesnt mind having the closed system in Steam, which I consider the best application of DRM in PC gaming. IMO Apple and MS would love to be the last 2 standing (which I hope does not happen).

Xwow20082263d ago (Edited 2263d ago )

True...MS is starting to forget what made Windows so great(open OS).

DeadlyFire2263d ago

Starting to forget? I think starting to forget is an understatement. Its been like this since the Xbox has existed they have ceased 95% of their own game development for the Windows platform and launched a very bad service for it used to hope to constrain gamers with GFWL and now they are rebranding that and possibly constricting developers with it.

Valve might be making their own version of Linux to combat this. If true I am on-board with Valve. As they could launch a new game platform like this if they wanted to do so and everyone would flock to it. If its based on Linux there is a good chance it could be a Free entry to it.

Xwow20082263d ago

You are right...but i was referring for there global windows business.

The windows8 is clearly aimed to the portable market and the newXbox(they want to win the living room war so badly lol).

abzdine2263d ago

MS copies everybody. When they can't they buy other companies (Nokia...)

mcstorm2263d ago

I have to disagree and they have not bought Nokia. Nokia are a partner with Microsoft just like samsung htc lg are in the phone msrket the only difference is nokia are exclusive partners and in this ms are letting them do things with the os no one else is doing and in return nokia are giving ms nokia maps ect to help with bing maps.

As for MS copying everyone this is also wrong Apple are the company who now copy everyone else.

MS had a smart phone way before Apple and its the same for tablets.

MS have copied some things but that is what all companies do but as this is how products are improved.

Im glad that Microsoft Apple and google are now all looking to get into the same markets as just like the console market it keeps them all pushing each other amd trying to out do each other and most of all gives us the users choice rather than all having to have the se thing.

ALLWRONG2263d ago (Edited 2263d ago )

Yeah like how MS copied themselves with tablet while Apple took the credit for "innovation".

A little research goes a long way

adorie2263d ago

I don't like most of these corporations, but even I know Apple had the motivation to make the Tablet mainstream. Apples opportunity is Microsoft's loss.

Microsoft needs to "do first" or fall behind. The mobile space is a perfect example.

Sarcasm2263d ago (Edited 2263d ago )

Every company have their dark secrets and scandals. Its just funny that Apple have plenty and nobody cares. They'll still make billions of dollars and sell millions of devices.

I wouldn't be surprised if one day they patent their own religion and sue anything else that has any similarities.

tehpees32263d ago (Edited 2263d ago )

Well I would say Gaben is only "respected" for his games. Other than that its his outspoken comments that make him a celebrity. First he is moaning the PS3 is too hard to develop for. Then he is moaning about Microsoft's approach with XBL. I personally lost a lot of respect for him with his comments. Especially considering Valve is supposed to be one of the most respected companies in the industry. If they are the great game designers they claim to be stuff like this shouldn't bother them.

nukeitall2263d ago

I used to respect them, but recent things have changed my mind.

For instance, Valve never really embraced Linux, but is now all of a sudden the savior.

Valve disliked Sony's approach, but is now their best friend.

Valve used to like Xbox, but now all of a sudden hates them.

Valve also removed the ability for class action law suits and so on.

Valve is no longer the company it used to be and I don't know if that is because of the competition or Valve, but I can't say I like them as much as I used to.

They are now just another game company as opposed to one I would heartily recommend to my friends.

Fishy Fingers2263d ago (Edited 2263d ago )

Your obviously too concered with the politics.

Valve/Steam offers a rock solid service, their community is second to none, they're support with games (PC) unrivalled, their content and sales again, unrivalled. They're the benchmark for digital distribution. Cross platform support of your games between Mac and PC (even PS3), cross platform cloud saves etc etc (all this for free)

But their sometimes, outspoken chairman said something bad about a console? Must delete Steam now!!!

LoaMcLoa2263d ago

"For instance, Valve never really embraced Linux, but is now all of a sudden the savior.

Valve disliked Sony's approach, but is now their best friend. "

Are these two negative?

insomnium22263d ago

"Valve disliked Sony's approach, but is now their best friend.

Valve used to like Xbox, but now all of a sudden hates them. "

This is the reason you hate Valve right here.

Redgehammer2263d ago

I disliked Steam from the moment of its inception. I do however love Valve and the games it has created.

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ALLWRONG2263d ago

I love Valves games, but I don't much like what Valve has become. Valve is the EA of the PC world and they flip flop as much as a politician. Past ten years Gabe has nothing but take jabs at everyone. I wish he would just shut up and put that energy into making Half life 3.

HammadTheBeast2263d ago

How about all the haters shut up and look at the Steam Summer Sale next year. Yeah. That's right.

andibandit2263d ago

Gabe is an idiot, MS is taking on Apple head on, in the battle for the living room, of course theres gonna be some copying.

...mean while in a top secret bunker in the far east, Sony head honcho's discuss their tactic for the comming generation of consoles:

Boardmember: "The same procedure as last year, Miss Sophie?".
CEO: "The same procedure as every year, James"
"The same procedure as every year, James."

HammadTheBeast2263d ago

Who the hell is Miss Sophie? Sony CEO is Kaz Hirai. Fail 1.

I was going to put more, but it's not worth the effort.

3/10 for ridiculousness.

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