The Dark Souls 'easy' difficulty controversy... but it was always an easy game

Digitally Downloaded writes: "The Souls games cultivate a careful perception of difficulty without actually being difficult – once you realise that death in the game is actually a positive learning process and not a punishment, you realise that Dark Souls, like most other modern games exists not to challenge players but to be experienced and, yes, completed."

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Kyosuke_Sanada2287d ago (Edited 2287d ago )

It's good that the author understands that death is actually a positive experience in the game which helps you know the enemies weak point in such but I ask you, if Demon Souls added an easy mode in the beginning would have won the same amount of attention as it did now?

Games like White Knight Story that had all these components that most of the people are suddenly complaining about yet, I didn't see the series "fly" of shelves like Demon Souls did.........

MattS2287d ago

Demon's Souls was a spiritual sequel to King's Field, a series that sold all of 10 copies outside of Japan, and a series that was far more traditional in difficulty.

So no, difficulty in itself is no guarantee of media or gamer attention.

Kyosuke_Sanada2286d ago (Edited 2286d ago )

Or ahead of it's time.......especially since a lot of games have been dumbed down way too much this generation.

Whitefox7892286d ago (Edited 2286d ago )

Heh shame that this whole thing was a mistranslation, people got worked up over nothing.

There weren't gonna actually implement an easier difficulty mode, Hidetaka Miyazaki was just contemplating on maybe giving a general message to the users to help them finish the game. Though I don't think thats gonna happen either.

Whitefox7892286d ago

Definitely agree with you on games in this generation holding the players hands, in my own view point games are a short extension to another world (metaphorically speaking of course) and the difficulty is our own adaptability of that world. If you take the difficulty away then the game (world) itself has no substance.

grahf2287d ago (Edited 2287d ago )

I still don't buy how the experienced player can keep calling the game "EASY!". Thats like a brain surgeon trolling Reddit saying his craft is easy as well.

We're confusing situations as being easy when the fact of the matter is you've just gotten better, or even mastered it.

Easy can only be a descriptive if you take a sample of players of varying skill level and most can complete a level, achievement, or goal without prior experience.

And back to the brain surgeon. Surgeons can say their art is easy... after thousands of hours in class & the OR & people actually dying under their hands. The absolute impossible becomes routine.

Hicken2286d ago

Agreed. "Easy" would be if you could just pick up the game and go through it. Dying isn't an issue for you, because it's easy.

If it WAS easy.

Just because you've acquired the skills to do something with RELATIVE ease doesn't make it EASY.

MattS2286d ago

Given it's impossible to fail at either Souls games (death is not a "fail" in these games) it's literally impossibly for the games to be difficult.

A lot of people misunderstand what it means for a game to be "easy" or "hard." If you had read the piece, that was the point that was being made.

grahf2286d ago

I did read the piece, and it possible to fail at the game: I've read countless messages from people who have quit, and that would constitute a failure to beat the game.

Would you prefer the game had a Perma-death system in place like the absurd Diablo hard mode? (it is fun to watch people who pour days into a character get absolutely crushed when they die!) Or we can go back in time to having "lives" or "chances," where you only have a few deaths to get you through a 50 hour + game?

So you're wrong. It is possible to fail.

On the flip side, if you LEARN and EXPERIENCE the game, like everything in this world, you can overcome the challenges. And it is not easy.

Nevers2285d ago

I think failing to finish a game is totally acceptable. Just because people can't finish a game doesn't mean theres something that needs to be changed about the game at all.

I support an easy mode only to get more people to play/buy the game like my girlfriend. I do NOT support an easy mode because I think gamers inherently deserve to beat every game they buy/rent/borrow. People need to get over their fear of failure. Gonna be interesting to watch how this whole "everyone is a winner and gets a trophy" age pans out.

Anyone else read Kurt Vonnegut Jr.'s "Harrison Bergeron"?

grahf2285d ago

I love your point:
"Gonna be interesting to watch how this whole "everyone is a winner and gets a trophy" age pans out. "

We live in the age of achievements & trophies, where wiping your ass gets you recognition. I personally think they're a blight on the industry, with games designed around arbitrary numbers assigned to arbitrary feats.

Its amazing how different this current generation of gamers are now compared to us at the same age 10-15 years ago. And I'll be damned if my 2 young gamers end up like them.