No Bayonetta 2 This Generation? No Problem.

Rumor has it the several high profile sequels from Platinum studios were cancelled or shelved for right now cause of Sega’s current financial situation. One of those rumored cancelled games was Bayonetta 2. While many gamers cried foul over this news we here at could not be happier.

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ritsuka6662234d ago (Edited 2234d ago )

This game is NOT cancelled. Kamya- san already say this.

just check this ---->

Theyellowflash302234d ago

The article isnt really saying the game will be cancelled or not its more on how he doesn't mind Kamiya waiting longer to get new innovative gameplay techniques in the next game

Whitefox7892234d ago (Edited 2234d ago )

How can you cancel that which has not been announced?

God I love Kamiya.

subtenko2234d ago (Edited 2234d ago )

If they ever cancelled Bayonetta 2 then I'd be upset and im not even a fan of the game for the most part. It'll be the second time a female protagonist game character gets cancelled (2nd time as in a character I know of that seems cool). wtf is up with games that do that?

Im looking at you Heavenly Sword 2 (because apparently its cancelled or not in production). Oh and Mirrors edge 2, though I think Ea said they are making it now.

We're getting new female game characters, but sometimes I dont see sequels for them which is disappointing.

ipe2234d ago

i hope sega ll prevail.

If money issues are that big, they should merge with some japanese company, sony or whatever.

Their ips must stay alive.

ChickeyCantor2234d ago

How can you be happy about it? Because you thought the first one was good?


Hicken2234d ago

Yeah, I don't quite get it. I think he says it because he wants them to wait until new hardware can allow for even more innovation, but that's like saying they can't improve on the game using current hardware.

Theyellowflash302234d ago

Were happy they are not going to release Bayonetta 2 within the normal 2-3 year sequel cycle and are going to wait to give Kamiya and his team time to think and develope new innovative gameplay ideas... if you read the article it would clearly make sense.

bubblebeam2234d ago

I don't mind, as long as they don't shaft the playstation version again.

Platinum also made Vanquished (and Binary Domain???).
never got into vanquish.

scofios2234d ago

Binary Domain was not made by Platinium..
De people who make the Yakuza games made Binary.
And published by Sega.

Ultr2234d ago

You should definately play Vanquish, one of the best action games ever created, onpar with Zone Of The Enders! :)

bubblebeam2232d ago

Maybe I was thinking of Anarchy Reigns, not Binary.

Vanquish (damn, I picked people up for saying "vanuishED" and then I say it) was pretty cool, it is one of those games that stares at you, like the eye of Sauron, wanting to be played.

I'll give it another chance, the only downside was it felt very arcade-like. Bosses were epic though (I beat 1 lol)

Agent_00_Revan2234d ago

A long as we get a sequel, I'm happy. This generation or not

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The story is too old to be commented.