A look at the leaked characters in Tekken Tag Tournament 2

Several new screenshots and artworks, featuring the six leaked characters, have been revealed for the upcoming multiplatform title, Tekken Tag Tournament 2.

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AmkOwns2284d ago

Nothing new just same moves from old character's and sticked to new character models I thought they bringing new fighters that no one would have guessed...

caseh2284d ago (Edited 2284d ago )

Nothing new about the characters like AmkOwns said, can't make the others out as I don't play Tekken any longer but the following are very easily identified:

Photo 3 = Jin
Photo 5 = Lili
Photo 8 = Lee

Different face/clothes, bolted on moves. Very gimmicky.

Mocat2284d ago


Dude u serious, you want every character to have a complete new move set
you want new characters even though there are over 50 of them and there are still some to be announced, i mean harada has worked pretty hard to do the best we tekken fans could get, there has to be a limit for bitchin

caseh2284d ago

Whats the point in adding multiple characters if they are just clones of existing characters with different clothes and subtle moveset changes?

I'd rather have 2-4 completely unique characters enter a franchise (Lili in Tekken 5, Jean Kujo in Virtua Fighter 5: FS as examples) than 10 that are just sugar coated copies.

kanetheking2284d ago

caseh i don't like the look of bob but i think slim bob looks badass, and i guess other ppl might feel the same about other characters

Baka-akaB2284d ago


Some of those clones were heavily requested for a while .

And we've been guessing for month that we wouldnt suddenly get new characters in a spin off dream match game .

The game already feature one of the largest roster possible , even discounting clones

NewZealander2283d ago (Edited 2283d ago )

i just cant think of any past tekken characters that are missing now, and i cant see them making new characters when the point is its a dream match, throwing brand new characters in the mix would be dumb.

so im guessing thats why any characters will be released as free dlc, because they would just be pallet swaps, not sure if tetsujin is in TTT2 yet but thats one of the few i can think of.

pompombrum2284d ago

Namco kicking Capcom in the nuts with this.. love it!

HammadTheBeast2284d ago

I'm hoping Tekken x Street Fighter sells tons more than Capcoms version.

Ares84HU2284d ago

I like Tekken. I've been a fan since the first. I know they always designed outrageous looking characters but is it just me or does their male characters look more and more gay and the ladies are getting more and more annoying. Also, that barbie mode where you get to dress your character in ridiculous shit is just...... don't even have the words. Whatever happened with each characters "character"? Yoshimitsu is getting it the worst.

krisq2284d ago

We're gonna witness a lot of Slim Bobs online.

krisq2284d ago

Yeah, Slim Bob is going to be new Law :-)

HammadTheBeast2284d ago

Damn it, this website....


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