Do Easy Game Modes Ruin Games?

Kaitlyn of WTG:

"Alex Hutchinson knows games. He’s the Creative Director for Assassin’s Creed III, and has worked on titles as diverse as The Sims 2, Army of Two: The 40th Day, and The Invincible Ironman. So when he says “A lot of games have been ruined by easy modes,” people listen.

But is Hutchinson right? Do easy modes really ruin games, or do they actually add to the experience?"

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SavageKuma2263d ago

Honestly I agree that they do, but I have been gaming for so long I have to play on the hardest difficulty to get my money's worth. In all honesty, easy mode only works for reviewers that need to get through the game in a certain amount of time to get their review. However some reviewers still play on hard or medium to see how difficult it is for the consumer. I say leave it in there as an option for those that still use it or for the little kids that want to try out certain games.

BrutallyBlunt2263d ago

Easy mode works for anyone wanting to use it. Gamers have been using any method possible in the past, whether it be walkthroughs or cheat codes. What we should really be concerned with is how games are becoming easier, not options for playing the game on easier difficulty settings.

kneon2263d ago

That's right, the problem is not that many games have an easy mode, the problem is that even the hardest mode is usually too easy.

The hardest difficulty setting should be hard enough so that only the best players can handle it.

SavageKuma2263d ago

I see your point and that is the developers fault because instead of thinking about the gamers out there. They want to make their games accessible to all buyers to get the profits they need. Thats what I am afraid. Or rather thats what I am thinking developers are doing to their games.

ABizzel12263d ago

No they don't. If you don't want to play on easy then don't. It's as simple as that. I'm sure most of us on here play on normal or hard (trophy & achievement hunters) on our first run through. But sometimes you just want to RUN through a game as quickly as possible (especially if you're borrowing or renting) and with easy you can do that. Easy is also allows kids to learn the ropes of a game, it allows gamers who aren't as skilled to play, and it allows people who may have physical disabilities to still play. Easy modes are there for a reason.

Baka-akaB2263d ago (Edited 2263d ago )

No it's not that simple . In an ideal world , games would get equal attention for each of the modes , but it aint the case .

In many cases it mean the the game is developped with the lower difficulty sets in mind , then the rest is artificially bumped via health , damages related stats , and a bit of spawn population control .

In some games that is indeed enough to propose more challenge , but in others it's just cheap and artificial .

A game like Demon souls or Dark Souls wouldnt have been designed the same way at all with an easy mode in mind .

Thankfully it wasnt , so i dont mind adding an easy mode afterward . I cant hardly ruin the game now . I would just be wary if they decide to include it from the get go , in some sequel

Now of course i dont mind everyone having a choice , but variety is there and should be there for a reason .

peowpeow2263d ago

We can't prove this to be true, but I believe it happens at least to some games. This being said, easy modes themselves do not ruin games.

One thing I dislike (maybe this hurts a games rep/sales somewhat) is that some reviewers base playtime and AI etc. on easiest difficulties, making those claims inaccurate for an average gamer

Doomguard2263d ago

All of us "learned the ropes" with hard ass games back in the day and we had no problem with it, the best way to learn is through fail and personal experience. A game explaining everything and holding your hand throughout the entire experience so you can just breeze through it wont make anyone learn anything, except for maybe thinking that everything in life should just be chewed by someone else before it being handed to you. If you want children to learn anything, then harder games are definitely the way to go, else they wont learn commitment and will never give it their best and persist throughout.

fermcr2263d ago (Edited 2263d ago )

I really don't understand what's all the fuss with the easy mode. Those who want a casual experience play a game on easy, those that want a more hard core experience, play it on normal, hard or extreme... everybody's happy. Just because a game has a easy mode, is it a bad game? You play the game as you wish.

Take the example of Dark Souls. The developer said he might release a easy mode... players started making a fuss about it. What the hell do they care if there is a easy mode. Are they required to play the game on easy? NOOOOO. So players should shut the **** up and stop complaining. If a developer want's to release a easy mode to attract the casuals, then let there be a easy mode. I saw some complaints that easy mode on Dark Souls would ruin the game... to those people i only have one word... MORONS.

What the hell do i care if there is a easy mode in a game. I'm sure not going to make a fuss about it if a game has it or not.

admiralvic2263d ago

I've always seen the fuss to be about bragability. Take Demon Souls, nearly 40% of the people who played it, beat it (going off PSNProfiles). Yet this series seems to be the end all beat all standard to which every hard game is graded off of now. I don't think an easy mode would ruin the game, as the CORE experience is learning from your errors. Even if you weaken enemies power by 50%, the main difficulty comes from now knowing where you're going to get attacked. Ultimately it would just offer noobs another hit or two, which ruins the game how?

In the end, this article was awful. I wouldn't call accessibility to be a pro, just an added bonus. Plenty of great games were overlooked (regardless of difficulty), so it's not like Vanquish featuring both extremes helped it in any way. Also it's not like people would suddenly stop playing CoD over a harder story... most gamers don't even play it now a days. I also don't see how being able to explore a small percent of games justifies it either. A lot of these games aren't littered with enemies, so it's hardly going to stop you from seeing the whole thing. Maybe you will have to fight a little more, but beyond that it's not a big deal.

Transversely the cons were pretty poor too. Regardless of how I get my trophies / achievements, I always have the same option as another person. Sure I might have tried harder, but I always have the choice to lower the difficulty and do it the same as them. Additionally, personal skill comes into play. I platinumed Demon Souls and it was hardly an accomplishment to me, but pulling off some other games were. I am sure plenty of people have problems on easy / normal and would feel accomplishment from earning X task. Personally I have no issue with this, as I don't believe gaming should be limited to elite pr***s. I mentioned how the Demon Souls stance is bunk, so really... try harder.

Kaos_Vll2262d ago (Edited 2262d ago )

"I've always seen the fuss to be about bragability"

You hit it right on the head with this statement. That's all this fuss is about in the first place, bragging, though most gamers won't admit it.

"Even if you weaken enemies power by 50%, THE MAIN DIFFICULTY comes from now knowing where and how you're going to get attacked. Ultimately it would just offer noobs another hit or two, which ruins the game how?"

Again right on the money. I don't find a trial and error system challenging or skillful at all.

By the end of DS you're not a better player because you've mastered the gameplay, you're better because you've died so many times from one-hitters and finally found the proper timing and method to beat the AI.

Having a better memory is a skill worth bragging about?

To those who do, good for you, I'm glad you're getting what you want out of gaming, why try to dictate how others should enjoy their playthru?

We have come a long way in gaming to still be using 20 year old low level designs that were first used mainly to falsely extend game playtime.

Anyone who did'nt just start gaming in the last 2 gens knows exactly what I'm talking about.

ShaunCameron2262d ago

@ Kaos_VII

<We have come a long way in gaming to still be using 20 year old low level designs that were first used mainly to falsely extend game playtime.>


vork772263d ago

easy mode is only good if you never played the game and you can just start a new game once you get use to it

lonesoul652263d ago

Easy modes don't ruin games because most of the time the developers don't spend much time balancing the easy modes. They just reduce damage and slow reaction time of the enemies. Simple script changes. I know a few people who just aren't very good at games but they enjoy playing and like the stories that some games tell. For these people I think it is a great option. It wasn't until games started getting easier that more people played them. I think it really depends on what the individual gamer is looking for in their experience.
I believe we for sure went though several years of games getting easier and easier but that is slowly changing. There are a few AAA games coming out that the developers have already commented on how they are making the games harder to beat not just by adding more health and damage but really balancing it out to play well, but also by difficult.

Thanks my two cents at least

Baka-akaB2263d ago

Thing is i believe it's usually the opposite ... game designed on normal/easy mode , then they script changes for higher difficulties .

Of course it's not the case for every game

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