Rock Band mod adds actual guitar string, touch of class to axe

Via Engadget:

"For Rock Band players that have also had some experience with a bona fide six-string, getting used to that plastic strum bar can take some work. For one gamer in particular, he decided to spend that time doing something a bit more productive than getting acclimated, like adding in an actual guitar string. There's also a switch mechanism that gets triggered by said string, which then sends an input to the game. Pretty swank, we say -- check out the video for yourself after the jump!"

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btkadams3728d ago

if that actually works, thats pretty cool.

beoulve3728d ago

I'm sure it's going to be better than the current one. The current one down strum will break on heavy play.

mintaro3728d ago

still nothing like actually playing the guitar, but it looks like this might be the start of rythm games that can actually teach you how to play