Black Ops 2: Crossbow First Look, Leaked Details

GR - "The recent leak of a video purporting to be of the retail version of Black Ops 2 revealed a number of new details about the game, including the much-talked about but never revealed crossbow weapon."

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CaptainN2263d ago

Not a COD fan...but that looks cool !

HammadTheBeast2263d ago

Wasn't there a crossbow in Black Tops one? Is it somewhat similar?

topekomsi2263d ago

Yup and it had the exploding bolts as well. This thing looks like a cross between the crossbow from rage and resistance bs had a baby. Very cool looking.

aceitman2263d ago

yeah they had a crossbow in blops 1 but thw crossbow in blops 2 looks a lot more futuristic and has a ACOG scope on it.