Twinfinite: PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Hands-On

Twinfinite's Yamilia Writes: "PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale is a new IP from Sony that combines all of their beloved characters from first party games and mashes them together in different arenas to fight to the bloody death. Okay, so maybe they’re not exactly killing each other brutally like Kratos or Sweet Tooth would definitely do. The game follows the fighting game style of Super Smash Bros. in that characters can jump about a small battlefield while fighting three other enemies with their own attacks, the environment, or items. A lot of people scoffed when All-Stars was announced saying it was obviously ripping off Super Smas Bros. and that Sony’s mascots being placed in a game together seemed force. Yeah, maybe they are obviously ripping off Super Smash Bros., but to say that Sony’s mascots don’t deserve their own game together is a disservice to all their franchises. There is enough variety and character among them that it simply works. The gameplay mechanics, on the ot...

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DivineAssault 2284d ago

Hmm.. Broken combat doesnt sound good.. Many other previews say its really REALLY fun so ill reserve my judgement for when i pick it up.. As long as i see positive reviews, im not going to allow a couple negative responses prevent me from playing this.. Its great eye candy to see all these fighters together in one place.. Cross buy is also another incentive to get it