Why Rocksmith Is One Of The Greatest Games Ever Made

Many people have an opinion on the greatest game, and most of those people are wrong. Rocksmith is the only true answer, and a fan of the game breaks down why.

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I still need to play Guitar Hero: Aerosmith >.<

gumdealer2260d ago

I think you may be okay passing on that one. Probly Van Halen too

TheSuperior 2260d ago

I think the whole concept of this game is awesome. It would be nice if more people gave it a try. This us a game that can actually benefit someone

execution172260d ago

i'll probably pick this up sooner or later, give my guitar some much needed action >.> since i haven't gotten much time to play it since i bought it

MysticStrummer2260d ago

*Looks at the article summary and refuses to read more*

Being a guitar player who never had an interest in Guitar Hero or Rock Band, I'd love to try out Rocksmith but damn... greatest game of all time, and anyone who has a different opinion is wrong? Come on now...

Reverent2260d ago

The guy said One* of the greatest games of all time. I'd have to agree. I have the game, and honestly, it's one of the only games I still play non-stop. It's fun, and as long as you use a headset set up with AV, the sound effects from the game are 1:1 with what you're actually playing on guitar. The game truly belongs in a category all it's own.

gumdealer2260d ago

Exactly. I was just having a bit of fun with the summary, but it really is one of my favorite games of all time, and one of the few games I feel that lives up to its potential. Sometimes a little hyperbole is necessary in getting others to take a look, it's criminally underplayed.

Decaf_PIxel_Kat2260d ago

I forgot all about Rocksmith! Your enthusiasm makes me want to pick up the game.

gumdealer2260d ago

You definitely should if you get the chance. There's been a few updates recently that fixed a few of the problems I had, plus every sale gets me a little closer to a sequel.

dorron2260d ago

Damn Activision! One year late for Europe and I guess it will still be at a 70-80€ price tag!

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