Going back is not the future: why the prequel should be left alone

Rumours of a Mass Effect prequel, as well as confirmed Gears, and God, of War backstories, mean prequels are all the rage. And you know what? That's causing some rage.

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BrutallyBlunt2288d ago

The same thing is happening in the movie business. It's basically a sign of running out of ideas.

Kurylo3d2288d ago (Edited 2288d ago )

Your absolutely right. I dont mind prequels. But prequels with a purpose. If your going to go back in time to tell a story, at least let that past story have a purpose in a future sequel.

Its like when they went back in time for devil may cry 3. Why? It was retarded. I wanted to see how dante gets out of hell after part 2, not how he used to be a gay skinny lookn bitch who never wore a shirt.

I think metal gear solid 3 did the prequel right. It explained a character that is mentioned in every mgs game as well as gave a reason for the events of mgs 4

MaxXAttaxX2285d ago

Hey, DMC3 Dante is best Dante.
Besides DMC2 was a total let. Proof that prequels can be good and even better.

Kurylo3d2284d ago (Edited 2284d ago )

DMC3 was the corniest of them all.. it was so cheesy it hurt. I quit devil may cry when dmc3 came out. Dmc 2 story wasnt all that great like dmc1, but at least dante was dark. Dmc3 may have added some nice gameplay, but the story and the character took a major turn for the worst. Bitch Dante. Seems like the developer was trying to attract gay men at the time as a new demographic. lol.

Kurylo3d2284d ago

Not to mention the fact that the dmc3 game had no purpose. It wasnt necessary to explain his past to move on to the future. Dmc4 did not reference 3 in anyway. Only go back in time when there is a reason to go back in time.

This is why they are rebooting it. Its cause they killed it when 3 came out.

MaxXAttaxX2281d ago

"at least Dante was dark"
You the kind of person that takes himself too seriously?

"Bitch Dante" "gay men"

Whether DMC3's existence was necessary is debatable. But it was the best one, next to DMC1. DMC2... that want even Dante honestly.

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rainslacker2287d ago

In the case of movies I don't think they're running out of ideas, it's just new IP's are very risky and to investors it looks a lot better to go with what's safe.

In the case of games I think it comes down to the same thing, however there are generally only so many avenues you can explore with one character or story before things get repetitive, and I think you can agree us gamers are a pretty fickle bunch when it comes to any change to a character or story.

Adexus2288d ago

I don't mind prequels as long as there's a good story to tell.

from the beach2288d ago

I'm not sure what the problem is, I'll happily play a sequel or prequel so long as the writing holds up. A wash of prequels in the next year or so will bring out a whole load of "how unoriginal" commentaries. Seriously, get a grip.

GrahamGolden2287d ago (Edited 2287d ago )

gears of wars had a script ?

didnt know that

Baka-akaB2288d ago

Expaning a universe is hardly an issue , if the mythology of it is actually worth expanding .

If anything it usually create the ground work and hints for things to come in the real sequels .

it's often that or having the same folks complaining about prequels , making the point that the changes from the sequels are out of the blue , makes no sense , are arbitrary etc etc

ZeroChaos2288d ago

Yeah I was thinking about this yesterday. They obviously wrapped up the main story with trilogies and since they are unable to advance the story they have to go back because they're not going to create a new IP why would they when the current universe can be dabbled into.

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