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Sound Shapes is PSVita’s newest gem. The downloadable music-making 2D platformer by Queasy Games is a unique and refreshing take on the music genre, and an excellent addition to Playstation’s Play, Create, Share collection.

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stevenhiggster2287d ago

Absolutely brilliant game, defo a contender for my personal GOTY. It's a shame this will most likely slip under most peoples radars.

GribbleGrunger2287d ago

Agreed. The only thing that's stopping me buying this is LBPVita. I feel that it's a little less limited than this game. It's going to be interesting to see if anyone makes a Sound Shapes level with LBPVita.

Vitalogy2287d ago

I got this game and the only downtime is Death Mode, I mean it's really nerv breaking and I almost threw my Vita through the window yesterday LOL other than that is actually something different and enjoyable :)