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Submitted by timothylittle 1175d ago | news

Sony: Vita Will Have Less Home Console Ports

Sony will be focusing on less home console ports and creating more unique title experiences in the future. The company has said that it will not be repeating its previous mistakes with the PSP in the past. (Call of Duty Vita, PS Vita, PSP, PSP console, Sony)

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Hatsune-Miku  +   1175d ago
I would actually like a vita port for killzone 2, motorstorm 2, gt 5, resistance 1, heavy rain, heavenly sword, mgs 4, gow 3
Kalowest  +   1175d ago
Nice sarcasm, if it is.
darthv72  +   1174d ago
Yeah i understand the vita needs its own games just like the PSP got its own games. yet we are seeing a portable that has the real potential to compete against the console. And by that i am referring to cross-play.

I really would like more games that offer multiplayer between the portable and console version. PSP just wasnt technically able to offer that but the Vita can. Sony should not miss the opportunity to gain more vita users by ignoring one of the vita strengths.

There will be some games but I honestly say that if a ps3 version is being made, a vita version should be as well. Sony could pack them on the same bluray. People who buy the console version get the vita version and both games are compatible with each other.

If they were really serious about this then they would start with the hd remake of killzone. Have a vita version made at the same time and offer multiplayer between the two.

I kept hoping sony would do something similar with the psp but sadly they didnt. The psp still got great games but I (personally) felt they opted to not do that and would instead make it a standard for the vita.

They can make the games available in 3 ways. PS3 only, Vita only and PS3/Vita combo. I personally would buy the later of the 3. Sony had a missed opportunity with digital copies of 'their' movies on bluray. The idea that there would be psp versions packaged with the bluray intrigued me but sadly they didnt come out in full force.

In fact, I really dont know how many were released like that. time to google it.
shutUpAndTakeMyMoney  +   1175d ago
You will through gaikai. Not really a port though.
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WeskerChildReborned  +   1175d ago
I would just like any of those games to be made specifically for Vita like a God of War Vita or a Metal Gear Solid Vita that takes advantage of the Vita's capabilities.
topekomsi  +   1175d ago
This is brilliant!
yoshiroaka  +   1175d ago
If Sony isnt willing to make the investment to make a fully fledged ps3 heavenly sword sequel because of dev cost vs sales concerns then i wouldnt mind getting a sequel on the vita from Ready at Dawn.

Might push some consoles as well for those yearning for a sequel.
NastyLeftHook0  +   1175d ago
i would love portal 2 on it.
saoco  +   1175d ago
Portal would be outstanding. With a steam app. Boooooom
smashcrashbash  +   1175d ago
Well I don't mind a few ports as long as they have nice sequels and lots of new IPs. They already have a good amount of those coming up.
pedrami91  +   1175d ago
Another step in the right direction.

Well, as long as the publisher don't send their games of to be butchered by devs like Nihilistic.
RmanX1000  +   1175d ago
Sounds good. Originality is good. *PS AllStars* Ok after that :P
GribbleGrunger  +   1175d ago
Smashing! Now we can look forward to people complaining when we get less ports and then eventually complaining that we get no ports. It's so much fun. It's a win win situation, because if we DO get ports too, people can complain that Sony said there wouldn't be any and if having no ports means there will be not cross buy, people can complain about that too. I can't wait
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Snookies12  +   1175d ago
I agree, I myself actually really like ports. I wouldn't take that over a new IP or something, but honestly as long as it's not taking development time away from other things... If it's a game I really love, why wouldn't I like it on the go?
GribbleGrunger  +   1175d ago
Same here. I just want quality. I don't care if I get it for the Vita or the PS3. Give me a mix of ports and new IPs and I'll be happy as Larry
topekomsi  +   1175d ago
Gotdang Gribble, how come you always make sense.
rainslacker  +   1175d ago
People will complain no matter what, even when there's nothing to complain about.:)

I really don't see what's so wrong with having a lot of ports, as it gives consumers more choice in how they play their games. For all I care they could port every game available to the Vita.

A steady supply of games specifically created for the Vita is also good, and there are quite a few coming this year. Either way I've been very happy with my Vita
remanutd55  +   1175d ago
fine by me but show me new original IPs sony, if there wont be an inFAMOUS, God of War or Gran Turismo game on the vita show me new IPs of that caliber then.
GribbleGrunger  +   1175d ago
Well we know that Tearaway will be one of them, but we can't just count on Sony to deliver original IPs, we need third parties to buckle down and realise that they also have a responsibility to make a platform successful.
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MelonSaurus  +   1175d ago
Gravity Rush was a sweet new IP. I hope they do more with it. We need something like the 3 new IPs Sony revealed at Gamescom, for the Vita.
enkeixpress  +   1175d ago
Well.. this can be taken as both good news & bad news for most people tbh.. lol

I for one welcome ports with open arms.. just as long as they're made properly & are well optimized for the Vita hardware. Maybe even take advantage of some of the handheld's unique features.
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ape007  +   1175d ago
it's a total waste of time and money to play the same game (plus watered down) on a handheld, if u gonna do it, do it with a twist like gta LCS and VCS at least
Ju  +   1175d ago
First, why do you need both. Sure, for people who want them, you could transfer from big screen to on the go. That's just one feature. But one would suffice. If i could, i'd switch all my gaming to mobile. Or most of it. I rather play it onthe vita than on the big screen, tbh. I would not call those games ports either. There is nothing to port. Those can actually be the exact same games. I dont want watered down versions. This is certainly possible. If they also support touch, fine with me.
ChunkyLover53  +   1175d ago
I think cutting out all ports would be a mistake, sometimes Sony seems like they are running around like a chicken with its head cut off.

I'd love to buy a Vita, but the current price and the seeming lack of third party support makes it hard to justify spending all that money. Hopefully some of these new games can pique my interest.
Outside_ofthe_Box  +   1175d ago
***"I think cutting out all ports would be a mistake"***

Less means all now lol?

Edit: lol @ you disagreeing with me for pointing out your foolish notion.
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Ju  +   1175d ago
Why do we even have this discussion? There are no ports of console games anyway. Name one please.
19993568  +   1175d ago
Ports aren't always a bad thing.
Not everyone has played the originals or has the consoles the games were on in the first place.
drobot  +   1175d ago
I'm into PS2 ports, as well as updated PS2 and PS1 ports.
topekomsi  +   1175d ago
This cannot end well for cross-play or vita owners period. We need a pretty balanced mixed bag, with vita complimenting features, IMO. Also new ip's couldnt hurt.
joffa81  +   1175d ago
Here is the crazy thing, Sony are saying in this artical that they want to cut down the number of ports from other consoles to the vita as it waters down the experience and Sony are pushing the "cross buy" feature like a farmer milking a cow. At the end of the day cross buy is just another way of pushing ps3 ports on to vita. Due to the whole cross buy thing this artical is not worth the space it takes up.
Protagonist  +   1175d ago
Funny to read how people now actually wanting ports, when most have been complaining about too many ports for the PSVITA since launch.

Me personally I prefere exclusives and no! cross play games are not ports.
Heavenly King  +   1175d ago
If we get the ports for free just like in PSASBr, Sly4, Ratchet & Clank PSN game; I want all they can make :D
schlanz  +   1175d ago
Definitely looking forward to more games that feel like handheld games. Stuff like Patapon, GTA Chinatown, Jeanne D'arc, Half Minute Hero, ect.
mt  +   1175d ago
I would love for vita to have its identity by having its own games.
CaptCalvin  +   1175d ago
I hope this doesn't mean more half a$$ spin offs like CODBOD. I really wouldn't mind console quality games on the system because it's more than capable, be them ports or not.
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SAE  +   1175d ago
And you blame me if i said i will hack my vita , it will be hacked sooner or later and i will get what i deserve from the vita ....

Playing mgs 3 right now ;) , it's a port and i'm having fun playing it ^^

tell me , who wouldn't love to play games like cod 4 on his vita ?.. all i want from them is to port the ps2/ps1/psp games and use remote play on ps3 games , that's it ! it's not hard >.< ...

i also want dark cloud 1/2 port :o--
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Man-E-Faces  +   1175d ago
I hope we get more console ports to be honest. Are you trying to tell me Vita owners wouldn't want Mortal Kombat Vita, Virtua tennis 4, mlb the show, persona 4, ninja gaiden, street fighter x tekken, UMvsC, fifa, need for speed on a handheld as potent as Vita? I sure did and these games were in fact the selling point for me buying a Vita well actually it was Gravity Rush but these games were the icing on the cake for me. And I think that's the way you should look at it with exclusives like Gravity Rush,Assassins creed,Soul sacrifice,LBP as the cake with multiplats/ports being the icing. Also I would love to hear these same people argue against ports if borderlands 2 vita becomes a reality.
cmpunk53  +   1175d ago
If you port a game on the PS Vita, make it a better experience with more contents ala Mortal Kombat but also don't force it ala NGS+ with some gimmicky ninpo touchpad and less framerate (I actually prefer NG Black being ported to Vita instead of NGS because I can still live with PS2/Xbox graphics).

Vita needs more games and ports are always welcome as long as you make the game better and please devs, port some classics from XBOX and PS2 not from this gen PS3/X360 but if you can try Dark/Demon Souls or Dragons Dogma, then that will make many Vita owners happy.
DivineAssault  +   1175d ago
Good! Keep making games like Soul Sacrifice coming in.. LBP & AC are spin offs which is better than a port from the console versions.. If theyre built specifically for vita, they wont be as gimmicky with touch controls just slapped in & have to take graphical hits due to it being a handheld.. LBP in 2 wks or so! Devs even said its the definitive version of all.. Then ragnorok odyssey next.. So many more good games with originality coming this year.. Nx as well
tehpees3  +   1175d ago
Follow Activision's example with CoD? I hope he isn't serious. They don't even want to be associated with the game.
EffectO  +   1175d ago
No ports?
Sony has totally lost it.
People constantly complain about PS3 ports,but were would PS3 be without all those ports?

Quality game port>>>>>>sh itty new ip

Would buy Vita for Fallout 3 port
SAE  +   1175d ago
you people tell me what will you buy if you have this choice , buying a cod4 port a new ip like cod vita ?.. cod games are taken for the multiplayer not the single player , i don't want to buy a campaign cod game with shity online , i can't play worst game then cod4 ...

i bought uncharted vita because the campaign is special , new story , new ways of playing it so i accept that kind of games , i won't go and buy a game like cod vita because i can play much much better , when vita have cod4 it will be a lot better then ps3 version because you can go any way you want while playing it , it's special for that...

sometimes ports better then new ip's , you either make it good and special or port the best version , that way we all win..
ChronoJoe  +   1174d ago
I wouldn't like ports but I would like Vita versions of the big playstation series. I also think they shouldn't be crappy 'spinoffs'.

Killzone Mercenaries for instance, sounds silly, why couldn't we just get a big, story orientated killzone title? Instead we get a 'mercenaries' title which I personally think feels pretty forced into the killzone 3 story line. As far as I'm aware enlistment was mandatory for Helgan forces, so mercenary ops don't seem likely... unless it's in the era where they all lived tenatively on Vekta, but that still make it a inconsequential spinoff.
CShadow  +   1174d ago
There goes 1 feature on the Vita gone thanks @$$ pies. Remember PS all stars? Buy PS3 version get Vita version free! This blows!
byeGollum  +   1174d ago
that's good to know, soon I'll have a million reasons to own a Vita, Just a matter of time :)

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