Sony: Vita Will Have Less Home Console Ports

Sony will be focusing on less home console ports and creating more unique title experiences in the future. The company has said that it will not be repeating its previous mistakes with the PSP in the past.

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Hatsune-Miku2287d ago

I would actually like a vita port for killzone 2, motorstorm 2, gt 5, resistance 1, heavy rain, heavenly sword, mgs 4, gow 3

Kalowest2287d ago

Nice sarcasm, if it is.

darthv722286d ago

Yeah i understand the vita needs its own games just like the PSP got its own games. yet we are seeing a portable that has the real potential to compete against the console. And by that i am referring to cross-play.

I really would like more games that offer multiplayer between the portable and console version. PSP just wasnt technically able to offer that but the Vita can. Sony should not miss the opportunity to gain more vita users by ignoring one of the vita strengths.

There will be some games but I honestly say that if a ps3 version is being made, a vita version should be as well. Sony could pack them on the same bluray. People who buy the console version get the vita version and both games are compatible with each other.

If they were really serious about this then they would start with the hd remake of killzone. Have a vita version made at the same time and offer multiplayer between the two.

I kept hoping sony would do something similar with the psp but sadly they didnt. The psp still got great games but I (personally) felt they opted to not do that and would instead make it a standard for the vita.

They can make the games available in 3 ways. PS3 only, Vita only and PS3/Vita combo. I personally would buy the later of the 3. Sony had a missed opportunity with digital copies of 'their' movies on bluray. The idea that there would be psp versions packaged with the bluray intrigued me but sadly they didnt come out in full force.

In fact, I really dont know how many were released like that. time to google it.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2287d ago (Edited 2287d ago )

You will through gaikai. Not really a port though.

WeskerChildReborned2287d ago

I would just like any of those games to be made specifically for Vita like a God of War Vita or a Metal Gear Solid Vita that takes advantage of the Vita's capabilities.

yoshiroaka2287d ago

If Sony isnt willing to make the investment to make a fully fledged ps3 heavenly sword sequel because of dev cost vs sales concerns then i wouldnt mind getting a sequel on the vita from Ready at Dawn.

Might push some consoles as well for those yearning for a sequel.

NastyLeftHook02287d ago

i would love portal 2 on it.

saoco2287d ago

Portal would be outstanding. With a steam app. Boooooom

smashcrashbash2287d ago

Well I don't mind a few ports as long as they have nice sequels and lots of new IPs. They already have a good amount of those coming up.

pedrami912287d ago

Another step in the right direction.

Well, as long as the publisher don't send their games of to be butchered by devs like Nihilistic.

RmanX10002287d ago

Sounds good. Originality is good. *PS AllStars* Ok after that :P

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The story is too old to be commented.