Taking Offense: Who Invited the Multiplayer?

Brandon Coppernoll: "(Developers) Give yourselves the benefit of the doubt that I may be actually enjoy your game without my friends or complete strangers."

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yokokoroma2079d ago

In truth, the original Dead Space concept was multiplayer, it just was never implemented. It's true that every game doesn't need a multiplayer aspect, but it's also true that some games should've had it, like Dragon's Dogma and Max Anarchy. (I'm mainly refering to offline multiplayer, which seems all but absent recently) Both games should've had split-screen co-op, as both games were structured in such a manner.

GillHarrison2079d ago

I agree, Dragon's Dogma screamed co-op.

vortis2079d ago

You have no idea how annoying it is having two or three NPCs running around making screwball decisions when friends could just as easily pick up the controller and lend a hand.

This first annoyed me with Star Ocean on the original PSX.

Carl_Shocker2079d ago

You know what im more ticked off with at the co-op, the typical, grunt, soldier, with crappy one liners where he tries to be funny but comes off as a douche they've added instead of letting us play Ellie. It should of picked up straight from the end of second one.

I just cant believe how they managed to ruin the franchise after how many people complained about RE5. The worst part is they are still trying to convince us its still a horror game when all their videos for it say otherwise

doogiebear2079d ago

^ YES, This! Sick of the cheasy B-Movie feel of many co-op games.

Ashby_JC2079d ago

Sometimes I wonder do devs or whoever is control realize that certain games arent better with a MP component.

Like Bioshock adding MP.

There are certain games that would suck without MP....COD, BF series. And these types of games are played for years after release.

How many ppl are playing Bioshock or Dead space MP?? Im sure not many.

I know WHY they do it. But does it really help sales of said game?

vortis2079d ago

It's the corporate execs over the publishers, brother.

They don't care about video games. They get data from marketing research and focus group testing, they couldn't care less what the game is.

If the research data says MP would get some people to buy the game then they're gonna add MP even if it's a story driven single-player game. If the focus groups say they need more deathmatch, they're gonna add more deathmatch because it means money.

Creative integrity has no place in the corporate world of gaming.

Indie gaming ftw.

Getowned2079d ago

actually many people do play Dead Space 2 online lol I play once in a while and always get full lobbys. Its kinda fun actually. I don't think it ever helped sales as much I got it for the story mode only, but after I beat it I tried the MP and I enjoyed it(reminds me of L4D a bit) .. I think the mp was a nice addition to the game.

Gaetano2079d ago

Yay, another douchebag video game journalist telling me why multiplayer is so bad.

Journos need to start holding publishers accountable for this, and consumers. Developers have their hands tied. A little perspective please. Products are made to compliment consumer needs.

Yes, single player is great, but multiplayer gets large groups of players playing at the same time. I'd argue that the industry was saved by multiplayer at a time when the global economic issues are putting pressure on publishers to stick to comfortable, recognizable brands. Sony is investing millions and the risk is significant: it's already in financial strife. Hope it doesn't end up like SEGA.

We should be embracing what's available and what's there, rather than trying to represent a moral benchmark of what's right and wrong with the industry. People are commenting and critiquing developers and their games without really knowing the market or business models at play.

The reality is that, yes, corporates are driving this, but the last time publishers had little control there was a video game crash. Sometimes you need a little quality control, brand control, market control, and then when things are better, you invest. Why create new IP now and try to create brands so late?

Give it time. The next gen will bring with it amazing single player experiences.

Kratoscar20082079d ago

I dont play multiplayer so i hate multiplayer in my single player focused games, multiplayer killed Dead Space and Resident evil, nuff said.

caseh2079d ago

Multiplayer in RE5 was an absolute blast, countless hours spent in mercernaries. Hours that would have been spent playing something else if not for the replay value the co-op online mercs added. Clearly i'm not the only one thinking this, despite not playing it in over a YEAR I just found a matchup online within 2 minutes of logging in.

Getowned2079d ago

MP didn't at all kill Dead Space, have you even played Dead Space 2, Its awesome. The MP didn't take anything away from the story mode and the MP was actually kinda fun, it was like playing Dead Space online except people played as the humans and necromorphs, Humans tried to complete missons and necromorphs tried to stop them. Don't be a sheep and listen to what some people say, try things for your self. Dead Space 2 MP wasn't horrible at all, and as long as the story mode didn't suffer(and it didn't) I see no problem. Don't knock it until you try it.

Kratoscar20082078d ago

i MEANT DS3 2 was quite good and MP didnt damaged the game at all but 3 is going to suck thanks to mp being there.

Getowned2078d ago (Edited 2078d ago )

"i MEANT DS3 2 was quite good and MP didnt damaged the game at all but 3 is going to suck thanks to mp being there"

Dead Space 2 didn't suck and it had MP, so why do you think Dead Space 3 will suck ? I've seen demos and trailers of dead space 3 and they were full of the same dead space action we know and love. Dead Space 3 actually looks really good if your a fan of the serious. I have a feeling dead space 3 is going in a sort of L4D direction in terms of MP which is going to be really intresting.

I really think we should wait and see, I mean people said the same thing about Dead Space 2 that you're saying about Dead Space 3 , and Dead Space 2 was an amazing game. Don't knock it until you try it, I think we should give Visceral Games the benefit of doubt because they haven't let us down yet.

This looks awesome, and drop in and drop out co-op is gonna rock! how could you say this sucks! its going to be great.

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