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Quinn Levandoski: "It is generally not a good sign when a game is plagued by problems before it is even released, and Sleeping Dogs certainly had more than its fair share of ups and downs. The game was originally announced back in 2009 as a brand new IP, then it was changed to a re-boot of the True Crime franchise, then switched to a non-reboot entry into the said franchise, then cancelled altogether, before finally being picked up and released by Square Enix as the Sleeping Dogs that we see on shelves today. Of course, while many titles are crippled by problems such as these, some games are able to rise above the trials and tribulations of a difficult path to release. Luckily, United Front Games’ Sleeping Dogs is well worth the wait."

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Strongmad2083d ago

Great game with slick style and visuals (PC) The combat is very satifying. The camera on the vehicles is a little jumpy but ok.