With ZombiU Surprising Us All, Nintendo Is After A New Milestone In Video Game History

When it comes to releasing new platforms on the market, nobody has as rich an experience as Nintendo. From the NES (1981) to the current Wii (2008), the Japanese company has always been there. Sometimes underdog, sometimes as the one and only, but always bringing something to talk about. Nintendo to some extent is like a family member to many. They were there all your life, have always been welcome for Christmas, and once in a while you have a good old silly dispute over playing Zelda with a nunchunk. But down the line, just like a family member, we love and respect them. They have been the backbone of the industry for many years and have influenced it in more ways that we can count.

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Shok2260d ago

This game is getting some really positive previews. The media seems to be pleased by it.

guitarded772260d ago

I'm excited for it. The Wii U launch line-up isn't the strongest I've ever seen, but Zombie U and Super Mario U have me buying day 1 if the console is priced right.

Buff10442260d ago

Just out of curiosity, which system had a better lineup? For now, it seems like Wii U will launch with Mario, Nintendoland, ZombiU, Assassins Creed 3, Mass Effect 3, Darksiders 2, Ninja Gaiden 3, Rayman Legends and other games. I know some of those have been available for months, but to first time players, it's quite exceptional, so long as the ports hold up.

Joris_L2260d ago

The X-box had a good line up, Halo, project gotham, fusion frenzy or even oddworld… but I agree, the WiiU has a better quantity and quality... hope we ll have a mild November, cause i might be queuing for a while !

guitarded772260d ago

@ Buff1044

Okay, I hear ya... I agree the Wii U line-up is pretty impressive, but I wasn't including games that I have already played elsewhere. I'm looking at it from exclusives and new IP point of view. Other Nintendo consoles have had many more of these, starting with the original NES, which launched in the US with tons of Nintendo exclusive titles (of course, it had to because there wasn't exactly the industry we have today to back them up). I should say I wish there were more Wii U exclusives and new IPs that appeal to me.

TenkoTAiLS2260d ago

To be fair Project Gotham Racing was just a retooled and re-released version of Metropolis Street Racer on the Dreamcast. But I agree, regardless of ports the Wii U has a pretty darn good line up. Especially for the people that may never have played these games due to only having a Wii or perhaps taking their first leap into gaming.

N4g_null2260d ago

You guys are forgetting a p-100! Yet it's not launching I don't think.

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Gwyn-Lord-Of-Cinder2260d ago

well thats good wii needs some new hardcore games

SilentNegotiator2259d ago

But "A New Milestone In Video Game History" is going WAAAAAY overboard. ZombiU isn't anywhere near being that impressive.

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KonaBro2260d ago

A user on NeoGAF was able to give his experiences and he basically said don't believe the hype.

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Joris_L2260d ago

regardless of other people's opinions, Ubisoft has proved they can produce some very fine AAA game, we can only hope that they will use some of their magic again and produce something special by mid-November.

Ck1x2260d ago

So does one believe the majority of users experiences or the minority?
Simple question really!

Kos-Mos2260d ago

No, it's not that simple. I know the majority in most subjects is not right, but people who can't write a proper preview without depth will never get an intelligent person to believe him.

Ck1x2260d ago

@Kos-Mos: It is quite simple actually and no different then when I go to Amazon to buy a product and see the users reviews of what they liked and disliked about it. If a product receives an overall unfavorable view it must be for a reason. But in that same context if a product gets a pretty good review overall, then that to is for a reason. Your gripe simply may not be my gripe about a game at the end of the day...

MEsoJD2260d ago

Yeah I've seen many gameplay videos and I don't see where the hypes coming from. I would appreciate a link to that thread or you can pm.

N4g_null2260d ago

I mean you can tell you will like it from the videos lol. He could be a story gamer! They don't like games they like stories.

Gr812259d ago

Then perhaps he should look into Wonderbook. Might be more his speed ; )

Good to see you Scissor.

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unkn0wn2260d ago

This article is frustratingly long, and it doesn't even talk about the actual game that much. There's like.... a paragraph about it on the third page.

Joris_L2260d ago

This article is not a review, it’s trying to understand where Nintendo is heading after turning its back on hardcore gamer in the last decade.

PopRocks3592260d ago

More like half a decade. The Gamecube was a console meant for the core gamer. It just suffered from poor third party support like the 64.

ZeekQuattro2260d ago

I never liked this casual and hardcore bs nowadays. It needs to go away next generation. I like video games period. I play everything from Kirby, Kill Zone, Fall Out, & Zelda. I don't buy into fan-boy created words such as casual and hardcore. Nintendo has been making the same games I grew up with since the 80's with occasional updates of course. They haven't abandoned anyone. We also got full games in those days. I hate dlc. Just a cash in to withhold stuff that used to be free.

WeskerChildReborned2260d ago

I think ZombiU can be their next big IP. It has potential.

Ck1x2260d ago

I agree! Alot of people want to draw the comparison of this WiiU exclusive to that of Red Steel. But to put it plainly, Ubisoft just isn't the same company that they were back then and have stepped their game up immensely this past generation...

remanutd552260d ago

i'm pretty excited to play ZombiU, im getting WiiU to play the game and hopefully the rumors about Zelda WiiU are true because to be honest they sound outstanding, hopefully Nintendo show more new IPs soon. looking good, really good.

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